Sunday, 5 December 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Olivia is six.

She is an utter peach.

I am very proud of her.

She is, in so many ways, a bit like me in personality.

I went to make her bed yesterday morning, and on her desk, I found this:

Painstakinginly written the night night before, her "to do list", for the weekend.

(Skipping and "crikit" feature heavily as her favourite past times. I love that.)

I have no idea what inspired her to do this. (I can hazard a guess though. Just have a quick look here.)

So I asked her.

She looked at me, her huge green eyes clear and unassuming , and shrugged.

"A list just helps me do all the things I want to do."

Oh, sweet Olivia, how right you are.


  1. What a sweetheart.
    I loved that not only are skipping and cricket on the list but some baking too.

    I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful day together.

    Big [& little girls] you are beautiful!

    x Felicity

  2. Amy@New AdventuresDecember 05, 2010

    Thats too cute! I've never really been a list person myself but if a 6 yr old finds it makes things easier perhaps i should take her advice!

  3. Hell yeah!!! I personally can't live my life without lists. It's a sign of action PLUS a sign of celebration (when you tick the stuff of at the end). Nice work Olivia. And such beautiful hand writing and great spelling!! Clever girl ... Just like Mummy.

  4. Awww, melts my heart! I have grown to love lists because they help me look like less of a ditz and be more productive, but I can't say its a natural tendency and from what I've seen of Addie she's as easily distracted as me...

  5. MaidInAustraliaDecember 05, 2010

    Oh that is gorgeous. Bless her little heart!

  6. Chloe is always organised and has a "to do" list on her whiteboard and writes up everynight before bed :-) its so good they do this at such a younf age .

  7. This is gorgeous. You should keep this dear little list, it's pretty special. And yes! Us girls love lists! xo

  8. What a wise little girl!!!

  9. What a beautiful girl you are Miss Olivia. No wonder your Mum is so proud. xx

  10. Kelly SheehyDecember 05, 2010

    Oh my gosh, that is so sweet! I love her list! What an adorable photo too!

  11. That is delightful!

  12. Andrea (Revealing the Real Me)December 05, 2010

    so cute...I want one like her!! xxx

  13. Love it. Gorgeous picture I hope she managed to cross all those things off her list and had a great weekend doing them all.

  14. Chasing a MiracleDecember 05, 2010

    oh good lord i want to cry!
    I cant wait for my little georgii to so such wonderful things...
    Your daughter is so precious and so sweet, made me smile such a warm happy smile!

  15. Totally, utterly gorgeous xxx

  16. Kirsty (Shamozal)December 05, 2010

    You have the cutest children Lucy! I love those notes, I've got a bloody awful sinus thingy at the moment and last night my little Annie (8) dropped a note on my pillow and ran "get well sone" (yes she wrote sone). Sounds like Lucy is a little like you?! Kx

  17. Farmers WifeyDecember 05, 2010

    I"m sitting here with tears in my eyes..what a gorgeous delightful little girl...As the mother of a 5 year old, this makes me feel very gooey inside....

  18. What a classic, Lucy! As a perpetual list-maker, I am interested to see whether Miss India (3 today) will follow in my stead. I suspect so.

    And ooh! I'm so delighted to find a fellow 'crikit' tragic ☺. J x

  19. Be still my heart - that is just beautiful :)

  20. Olivia is absolutely adorable! My Giorgia is the only one who has shown any interest in list making. Awesome that they discover is so young! x

  21. Oh how utterly precious! I'd like to take a leaf out of her book and fill my own tedious to do lists with such pleasurable pursuits...

  22. I do believe you have two of the.most.adorable little girls in the world!

  23. I love "do skipping"

    I think I'd better get my boys onto lists. They're always forgetting what they wanted to do...

  24. www.giftsofserendipity.comApril 09, 2011

    What a truly gorgeous girl you have Lucy.
    I remember reading this last year and it brought as broad a smile today as it did then.

    No doubt the 'items' on her lists have changed in the months that have ensued but I bet she still makes a good list.

    xx Felicity [visiting from 'The Fibro' Rewind]

  25. Wow! She's got amazing writing for such a young age. And so organised and prepared for life. Cute, cute, cute! (I'm popping over from the Rewind. Lovely to be here:) )

  26. Muddled Up MummaApril 09, 2011

    Do some more skipping! So cute. I love lists too.

  27. Oh bless! Besides being a girl after my own heart (and very fond of making to-do lists) I think we can all learn from her an remember to include fun activities in amongst the daily grind as well.

  28. Life In A Pink FibroApril 09, 2011

    Oh, I love this. A girl after my own heart. Bless.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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