Friday, 17 December 2010

It's not fair......

The school holidays are upon us.

My children are close in age.

We are going away soon, on holidays, so I am not indulging them in any particular school holiday outings. I am busy with pre Christmas and pre holiday stuff...preparatory chores.

I kind of figure it should be treat enough that they are not being chivvied and nagged out of  the door early each  morning? That they get to chill and hang out all day together? No homework, no bells, no routine,? Just nice weather, a great back yard, and enough toys, books and equipment to sink a ship?

They profess to adore one another.

They are verbose and articulate and affectionate and declare love for one another with hilarious and dramatic regularity.

But they also bicker.

Oh sweet goddess, can they bicker...

On Twitter this week, I attempted to convey just how they can bicker over NOTHING. How they can bicker over random & ridiculous stuff. (In 140 characters. Impossible.)

To here are some examples...

Of what my three children bickered over yesterday. Just yesterday.

Several items bought at least one of them to tears.

Feet have been stamped, hair has been pulled, doors have been slammed.

You'd be right in thinking that the above snap depicts nothing more glamorous than a grubby mark on a wall. The wall in our dining room. A grubby mark that I was cleaning with one of those Magic Eraser thingos. And the kids wanted to help. And absolute war broke out. Over a mark on the wall.....

And you'd be right in thinking that this lovely image above is a tiny corner of a stale Vitawheat biscuit. I was clearing out various Tupperware containers and gave the kids stale Vitawheat for morning tea. This bit, featured here,  was the cause of great wailing and declarations of unfairness.

Upon packing their toiletries for their holidays, I chucked into the recycling a damp and crushed toothpaste box. And I appreciate that it does have the icon of Dora on it (who is indeed Lexie's hero.) But I did not expect Charlie to go into meltdown and whack his sister over the head in an attempt to claim a bit of wet cardboard.

In an effort to create some calm, I got the Hama beads out after lunch. There are several squares of well loved ironing paper in their Hama bead kit. Several. Identical, they are.So why they had to all bicker the house down over a well used bit of greaseproof paper is totally beyond me. But they did.

I only wish I were joking.


It's not fair.....

Tell me, what do your kids bicker over?

Random crap like mine? Share? Please, make me feel better?


  1. DIMPLES!!!
    Seriously, those kids are so adorable, I'd have all three screaming and running away from me while I tried to pinch their cheeks.
    Kids will fight over anything, if my neices and nephews are any indication of all children all over the world (which i'm sure they are!). I guess they ARE like mini adults sometimes, after all.

  2. Again Lucy - you crack me up. I'm getting used to my morning giggle over here at Diminishing Lucy. Rest easy knowing it's probably the same in every house, in every town, in every state ... all over the world. (well maybe not in deepest dark africa where there are no ironing wipes or dora tooth paste!!!). Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Again Lucy - you crack me up. I'm getting used to my morning giggle over here at Diminishing Lucy. Rest easy knowing it's probably the same in every house, in every town, in every state ... all over the world. (well maybe not in deepest dark africa where there are no ironing wipes or dora tooth paste!!!). Enjoy your holiday.

  4. Thank you for making me realise it's not just my kids who bicker over the silliest and strangest things. Lordy ... Mine haven't fought over Dora toothpaste cardboard, but they have fought over prized rubbish like toilet roll cardboard, and ring pulls. They also fight over who gets to use the toilet first, because you know, they always need to go desperately at the very same time.

  5. Too funny!! As I said yesterday, the fight of the day was who was going to have the scarf to shove down the back of their pants to complete their cat outfit. There was pulling of the said scarf and screaming, you know the deal. And then last night, Nearly 4 pushed 2yo into the wall in her haste to be first down the hall way to brush their teeth. And that's just two incidents from yesterday. Keep strong, they'll wear us down!!!! And make us laugh x

  6. This is funny! This morning my 9 y/o sang with his class for the school holiday presentation. Afterward, the class was outside lined up as parents took pictures. One of the boys, who's a friend of my son was acting like a monkey and pulling kids hair and tapping their shoulders...(very typical stuff from this little guy) when my son decided to tantrum. All the kids were smiling and laughing, and my kid has a complete sourpuss expression complete with a frown that could freeze the camera lense--totally emabarassing-Ugh!

    If anyone out there bottles and sells a sense of humor, please hit me up!

    Your children are beautiful, btw :)

  7. Oh hilarious! Yes, as part of that convo the other day, I too can attest to my 3 children fighting over ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING! The latest was a game the two boys were playing in the long shower. For a start, they shouldn't really be playing this "game" but it's pretty harmless. It's called chuck the wet washer as hard as you can at the other person. All fun and games until one decides he's had enough and is keeping the washer forever, for himself. Cue whinging of the highest order. Seriously, work it out or you going to bed is one sentence I reckon I say at least 1500 times a day.

    Oh, and your children are freaking adorable. Lexi looks so much like you!

  8. Funny! Well, from over here it is anyway :)

    Only having one child, there is no sibling bickering in this house. But all of those things reminded me of being a kid myself - my sister and I used to weigh our food to make sure our serves were exactly equal!

  9. OMFG, it drives me nuts. NUTS, I tell you.

    My favourite is when they bicker over who started the bickering. For the love of god, will they ever stop? x

  10. Too many ways, too many times. Drives. Me. Insane.
    Like Ms 9 yelling at her brother because he was eating his tea and it offended her (her words) when he opened his mouth wide. Well, how was he supposed to put the pasta in his mouth???
    Give me strength... in the form of gin.

    Now as for your children, OMG! Those dimples! How gorgeous are they all? The kids, not just their dimples.


  11. OMG! I have the same children in my house. Two darlings, close in age, often mistaken for twins. I try not to laugh at the arguements over who gets the empty vitamin container, or the Dora toothpaste box (we too have that same arguement), but after the zillionth time I can't laugh anymore. Everything has to be equal. What about individual taste? What about being unique? My rule is to let them duke it out for themselves until the hair pulling results in actual hair loss.

  12. Oh, I am going to start jotting down the bickering to remind myself it is funny and take the heat out of it for me! A regular one for us is passing an ATM (I can not actually risk using one with the kids in tow). They fight over the receipts (or tickets as they say) and how many they each have! They get them out of the rubbish container and count them and bring them home, and God forbid if there is an uneven number! I used to get an account balance just to even it up - now I keep walking and pretend they are not mine.
    And the other memorable one yesterday was dead ants! After getting my beautiful tupperware out and filling them with grass and ants (live at that stage) they then fought over whose was who, as they had died in one, but not the other. I lost it and banished them outside to sort it out... and collect live ants.
    Yours are just too funny Lucy!

  13. Oh thank God it's not just mine!
    I only have 2 but they can drive me!


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