Friday, 5 November 2010

Whitney Inspired - ♫ I have nothin'........

We're having a tricky couple of days here.

Charlie had big fall over at school. Injuries to the head and concussion in a little boy that has only just recovered from a broken femur does not a happy family make.

As always, when shit goes down like this, it makes you realise how much you love your children.

And how much you love and need your other half.

So this little track from The Bodyguard soundtrack keeps on popping into my head for a million reasons.

Despite her less than good girl image over the past decade, I am a child of the eighties, so I love me a little bit of Whitney.

And snippets of Kevin Costner never go astray either.

Charlie, I wish I could be your body guard all day ever day, but I can't.

And lovely husband, I have nothing, if I don't have you.

And everyone is blog floggin' day today....go to Lori's and link up and discover some cool blogs?


  1. I loved that movie and I'm not usually much of a fan of romantic movies. Partners are so wonderful at times of stress.

    Hope things get better for your family.

  2. Poor Charlie! Whimper.

    Belting out a bit of Whitney in the car on a wet day pretty much solves most of the world's problems, Lucy, so all will be well. x

  3. I hope your beautiful little boy is doing OK now xx

  4. Catherine FleayNovember 05, 2010

    Hope Charlie is doing better today and that his confidence has taken a massive hit. Been going through a bit of kid stuff over here too ..... family is oh so important! Giving Charlie big eHUGS and some to you too!

  5. Hi Lucy, so sorry to hear about poor Charlie! I hope the patient is well on the road to recovery (and that your nerves have settled!!) Take care xx

  6. life in a pink fibroNovember 05, 2010

    And now my mind is full of Whitney's vocal gymnastics on "I will always love y-oooooo-oooou". But you're right. Hope your little guy is okay. x

  7. Kelly SheehyNovember 05, 2010

    I hope that Charlie is feeling better!
    I love Whitney too!

  8. Look at you getting all romantic on the internet! Sweet dedication.

  9. Poor Charlie :( And poor you! :( xoxox

    I love some Whitney. there's nothing like driving down the freeway, belting out some Whitney... kids hate it hehe!!

  10. I just dug out my old Whitney CDs to slap into the car stereo.....ade me realise that I am missing a couple. Becasue I originally had them on vinyl. Fuck, I am old.

  11. He's a legend. Simple as. I am not sure if he reads my blog often. I hope he reads this one.

  12. Oh Al, that particular Whitney song brings tears to my eyes for a whole other reason. Watch this space on a blog post on THAT, another time......gulp.

  13. He is feeling better. Dare I suggest that my spoiling him rotten makes him happy?!

  14. Christie, my nerves are in tatters. Can I ever relax over his health??!

  15. Holly @ Good Golly Miss Holly!November 05, 2010

    Poor Charlie! Hope the poor little poppet is on the mend soon x

  16. Thanks lovely. Got your vmail too - thank you. We shall see how he goes confidence wise. We're at cricket and the pool swimming tomorrow - both of which he is very good at - hopefully that will help.....

  17. Thanks Megan. He is chipper today - battered and ugly, but happy. xx

  18. I am so with you on that one. xx

  19. Thanks Marita. We will all be fine by next week!

  20. Thanks babe. xx

  21. Ooh, that is scary - a concussion! I hope your little guy is on the mend soon. Nothing worse than one of our babies getting hurt. xoxo

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  23. Oh bugger, That sux. Poor kid. Poor Mummy!!! A bit of mummy hysteria never goes astray .... hope he is feeling ok now. Hugs. L


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