Tuesday, 23 November 2010

♫ Saturday Night at the Movies ♫

I have blogged about my love of the Drive In before. I love love love the drive in. BUT, it is, sadly, not a summer venue for me and the fab five.

My kids are little - at ages six, five and four, they are still in a nice groove for an early bedtime. And the drive in, with its adjusted hours for daylight saving, is just too late a night out.....the main feature doesn't start until 9.30, and whilst I love to treat the kids, and whilst I love that they too love a movie night, I cannot bear the idea of over tired tantrums....

But all is not lost, a solution has been found, in the enticingly easy and brilliantly cheap and easy ♫ Saturday Night at the Movies ♫

Whilst the lovely husband has a quick beer after cricket, I take the kids to our local movie shop.

I tell you, I push the boat out and let them pick five family weeklies for $5 and I pick an overnighter for $2.95.

To be honest, it's worth the $7.95 for the anticipation this little jaunt causes.

Then we go home and "get ready for movie night".

They gather up their pillows and blankies and beanbags.

They draw the curtains and pull the blinds down.

They get their drink bottles all organised.

The get ridiculously excited.

We all have a shower or a bath together and a hair wash. (Gotta look good for ♫ Saturday Night at the Movies ♫!)

Clean jammies on, Daddy is home by now, and he cracks open a beer, whilst I make up a  fruit platter.

And make the popcorn.

Is there anything more treaty in the world than the smell of hot buttered popcorn?!

(I just use the kernels in a hot pan with a teaspoon of oil and some popcorn salt. I think a huge bag of raw kernels is less than $2?)

I'll be honest, I make sure ALL chores are done and dusted. I want to kick back and relax properly too.

And all cuddled up together, with no distractions at all, we get comfy together for a family movie night.

This week we saw "Happy Feet," which was utterly adorable.
And two weeks ago we went retro and saw "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

Next week I have my eye on "Where the Wild Things Are"

I suspect the kids are not even that choosy on the movie title - they are in the company of,  and have the undivided attention of  Mummy and Daddy. They are allowed to "stay up late" and eat fruit and popcorn........such unflustered family time, for them, and me, is just delightful.

Family value treats? Saturday Night at the Movies - home style.

Tell me, what are YOUR best value for money family treats? Do you do home movie nights?

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  1. Louisa CowanNovember 23, 2010

    Yay - this is a brilliant idea! I think we might pinch it if you don't mind? As soon as Coco is old enough to watch movies. x

  2. Catherine FleayNovember 23, 2010

    Movie nights are great, but like you said, you want to be organised so you can hick back too! Beach picnics are great too in the summer.

    I haven't seen Where the Wild Things Are, but I think I remember hearing that it's got a really sad bit that hit the kids hard. Might want to check that side of it out if it concerns you. Might also have my movie wires crossed too!

  3. I heard that Where the Wild Things Are is different to the book. It may be that I have to watch it first.....

    The other one Olivia is dead keen to see is Hairspray......

    And as for the beach.....we are doing the whole summer at my parents in law, who live ON the beach. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

  4. Steal away! The first "full length" movie Olivia (now 6) ever watched with us was The Jungle Book. She would have been about 18 months? She was enchanted......

  5. We have a little voice at our house that often says "Mummy, can we watch a family movie?" Ahhh yes. We LOVE our movie nights too. All cuddled up on the couch together. Popcorn. Or icecream. Or chocolate. (Never all three). Our last movie was an old old Disney favourite - The Nutty Professor (the original Flubber I think). As the kids are getting that little bit older we also get to watch things like Iron Man 2 which I think is the movie lined up for the next showing :)

  6. David @ views of a star childNovember 23, 2010

    Hello Lucy!

    I smiled when i saw this post, from ear to ear. I love the Drive In too! I have been a couple of times now. I like that it is a bit different, and I imagine it to be somehow "out of time". I also like the fact that you can go in your jammies and never have to get out the car if you don't want to. You can take any treats you like (like McDonalds? lol) along with you, or buy some there.

    I feel like a big kid when I go, like it's an adventure.

    Yeah, we have movie nights at home too. Lately we have been doing marathon runs of various series. We finsihed all the Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD's a week or two ago. Now we are watching Breaking Bad, which is just amazing!

  7. MultiipleMumNovember 23, 2010

    We so do the same thing at our place! Will think of you on Sat night :)

  8. Saturday night = family movie night here too.
    Although Mummy & Daddy have been sneaking off lately & Miss3 has been falling asleep because she usually does not nap during the day anymore.
    We should get back to doing it properly, it is so much fun all cuddling on the couch!

  9. Thea, you know, I think that is when we started it - when Lexie stopped having naps in the day - a movie night was a way to encourage everyone to settle down EARLY.

    Get into it again! xx

  10. You'll have to share your movie recommendations!

  11. David, you should do a post on the drive in! How cool is it, here in Adelaide?! xx

  12. Leanne, the Nutty Professor is a great movie - my three would LOVE that one!

  13. Did you ever read this David?


  14. David @ views of a star childNovember 24, 2010

    Hey! Just read it. Yeah, I do love the Drive In. Pretty special.

  15. I have great memories of the drive in from when I was a kid - "The Parent Trp", Snow White and the Swiss Family Robinson - all Disney movies. As I got older and my mates started to drive we'd smuggle a few extras inside in the boot of our cars.


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