Friday, 12 November 2010


My children have made friends locally, with another brood.

We have had these little friends over to our house, for a couple of play dates, and I have had the dubious pleasure of dealing with six kids all day for a whole Sunday. Six under seven. To say they kept me amused but on on my toes is an understatement.

And now it is the turn of the return favour. Mummy to the other brood is hosting this weekend.

My three are going on a day long play date down the road.

Ahhh, the beauty of my "village".....

And so lovely husband and I get a day together, just the two of us.


We will walk together.

We will talk together.

We will picnic together.

We will plan together.

We will laugh together.

We will hold hands together.

I cannot wait.
I love my children to the ends of the earth.

But I need to be reminded and immersed in the reason that they are here.....and that is because the lovely husband and I really really like each other, and one anther's company. I suspect we sometimes lose sight of this reassuring fact.

Tell me, do you manage dates? Despite children? What do you do and where do you go?

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  1. Ah yes. The date. We actually try and ditch our kids for an entire weekend .... now that they're older. Or at least a night. Not that we don't love them. They are our life! But so we too can remember why we came together. We have a weekend date coming up in a few weeks where we parents will escape to the coast and leave the kiddies behind. Which reminds me! Must organise that. Otherwise the kids will be at home on their own with nothing but a Labrador and hermit crabs to keep them out of trouble ... Need to contact reliable and wonderful relatives ...

  2. I firmly one of the biggest mistakes a (partnered) parent can make is to neglect their relationship with their spouse. A divorce is not much use to a kid, huh? We are lucky in that my mother ASKS to have the kids for the day, feeds them and drives them around to cool places and then THANKS us when she brings them home, usually post bath and dinner. Usually these days having the boys out the house means Mick gets to catch up on uni work and I spend time with Rose, but when we "date" we go to nice restaurants - we only do it every now and then, but it is sooooo worth it :)

  3. Sounds fabulous. Just remember that you and your beloved really really like each other that much that you have three gorgeous little ones to show for it. Better watch out you don't make it four on your date! ;-)
    Oh, and as for me, 13 months since we had Miss A and we have not spent any time on our own as yet. I'm sure the day will come soon, albeit a little strange at first!

  4. We make time together every month (or more often if we can get it). A night date and/ or a half day date. I strongly believe that having a strong, loving relationship is the best possible thing we can do for our children. x

  5. I am somtimes made to feel guilty by other parents because the hubby and I go out so much on our own. Once a month we go out just us and once or twice a year we stay over night somewhere. I am lucky because my mum is young and loves to stay at my place and look after the children. I am also lucky because i have a wonderful marraige and like to spend time with my man. Have fun on your picnic!

  6. You lucky things. Sounds awesome.

  7. Sounds beautiful xx

  8. *tries to cram it all in before the kids come along*

  9. bronnie@dizzydaisy.comNovember 12, 2010

    Um, well I'm single so I don't have date nights. But when I was with hubby I did, but they were all too few, because of the cost of babysitters and such.
    And in our neighbourhood, I usually end up with all the kids in my house, but apart from one family, they never return the favour. Unfortunately most of our neighbours are ferals who don't even know where their kids are most of the time. I don't let my kids roam the neighbourhood, so they all kind of gravitate to my place. I am so glad we are moving in a few weeks!

  10. with family overseas and no close enough friends here we make do with spending time together after Millar's bed time. So far it's ok, I think we make enough time for each other. I think when the kids are older I will feel more comfortable with them hanging out at friends houses for a day (millar is not even 3 yet). Hopefully by then we still like each other. lol.

  11. Awwww. No. We do not do dates.
    No baby sitters, no dates. :(
    And our relationship is showing signs of disconection.
    No dates = not good.

    Enjoy yours you lucky thing! xx

  12. Aw that sounds lovely. We try to spend some time together once the baby is asleep... it's not always exciting, sometimes just sitting together to watch tele, but it's nice.

  13. A picnic!! Oh, I loves!! The Man and I do,occasionally, mange a date together. I think we actually might be going to the movies Sunday night, which will be lovely :)


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