Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mooo Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone

Thank you to everyone who entered my recent Mooo giveaway.

I did a Random Number pick thingo, and the lucky winner of a $50 Mooo voucher is Jodie, from Mummy Mayhem.

Thanks to everyone that entered!

And thank you to Mooo for the opportunity to do such a generous giveaway.


  1. Yay Jodie!! x

  2. Hey Jodie, that's two scores in one week! Congrats ;)

  3. Jodie at Mummy MayhemNovember 06, 2010

    Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!

    Kirrily is right! I won a book on her blog, and now this wonderful giveaway!

    Thanks so much, Lucy. And thank you to Mooo. I'll have no trouble at all spending my voucher!

    I'll email you Lucy. xxx


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