Monday, 15 November 2010

Mood Music

Thea, from "Do I Really Wanna Blog" was one of the first bloggers I ever came across. I am so glad I did.

Her blog is an utter treat. She chats about all manner of things, and runs a wonderful range of posts on "Sunday Sessions".

Thank you Thea, for guest posting for me, and for being a lovely bloggy friend.....

I was just reading a story in the Reader's Digest (it's one of my favourite reads) about stranded travellers at an airport near New York. After six hours of waiting to board their plane frustration levels were hitting a high when a singer/songwriter amongst them began to play "Hey Jude" on his guitar. Apparently people started humming along and by the time he got to the "na na na na na na" bit, everyone was singing along and the tension was broken.

Go on, listen and try not to sing along. It's impossible, right?

Some tunes just change everything, don't they?
What power music has!

It reminded me of a time over 20 years ago.
I was living in the city going to teacher's college and I would drive home to the farm on most weekends.
It was more than an hour's drive and on this particular occasion my little old second hand Gemini broke down just over half way.
It stopped dead, I freaked, then this came on the radio...

I couldn't help but smile.
Fortunately I had stopped at a tiny town of about 10 houses, 1 school, 1 butcher shop, and 1 tiny corner store with a phone box outside (this was the time before mobile phones, yes I am that old!)
So I called Mum, listened to the radio while I waited for her to come, and all was good.

Then there are the songs that make you feel sad.
At a school dance when I was in Year 11, I had a massive crush on a Year 12 boy.
He was in love with the Japanese exchange student who was a close friend of mine (but I didn't know this at the time). He was dancing with her all night (that should have told me something) and I was getting more and more jealous. She noticed my pouty behaviour and told him to ask me to dance.
When this song came on, he came up to me, put his arms around me, and I immediately ran to the toilets sobbing.

Yeah, "Drama Queen!"
But I still can't hear this song without feeling sad.

Then there is 'our song'.
You know, the one you have at your wedding, or one that reminds you of when you met.
This was a song I loved and when I met my husband a few months after it was released, it felt like fate.

So, how about you?
Do you have a happy song, a sad song, your song??

Thanks for having me over here Lucy, it was fun!


  1. Beautiful Day by U2. Gets me every time ...

  2. I love that Careless Whispers still has the power to make you feel sad - our first major crush is never forgotten, is it!?

    There are many, many songs that have the power to move me. "Wild Wild West" and "Love ShacK" are high school for me. "Baker Street" and "Wind Cries Mary" always take me right back to my early twenties in inner-city Sydney. And "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers always makes me grateful for my family.

    Great post, Thea. I'll be over to check out your blog. x

  3. ahhh Music! You are SO right!
    I have a song for each of my children... well working on one for the fourth! And a song that always makes me think of my husband and smile... even if he has been driving me nuts or done something unforgivable, if I hear that particular song it always makes me think of him fondly.
    I'm trying to encourage one of my girls to adopt the 'Don't Worry Be Happy' song as her theme... they play it as school before the bell often and she is such a worrier it would be perfect for her....

    Ahem... I have to go now and put on some music!!

  4. Oh Careless whisper. Right after I bought my very first song, Like a Virgin, in grade 4 (WTF was my Mum doing letting me buy this?) I got Careless Whisper and just about wore the record player out playing it. There's no way he was gay back then. He was singing that DIRECTLY to me. xx

  5. Great post, Thea!

    Any song from my childhood makes me feel all comfortable and happy - things my parents listened to, like The Beatles, Billy Joel, Crowded House. Music from my teen years - like Bon Jovi - makes me a bit wistful, and songs I heard while travelling make me cry!

    Songs are so powerful, aren't they.

  6. life in a pink fibroNovember 15, 2010

    Sorry, I'm still na-na-na-na-ing over here.

  7. How to Save a Life by The Fray makes me break down every time I hear it.

    Anything by The Decemberists makes me smile because I think of my hubby. :)


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