Sunday, 14 November 2010

Just call me Anthea Turner........

I took it into my head yesterday, like you do (occasionally, not very often, certainly not every spring....) to spring clean my kitchen.

So I cleaned, whilst the kids ran round in their jammies and did errrrrm.......stuff. (What were they doing? I have no idea, to be honest: I was a woman whose focus was evidently on the job, not on the kids.)

Between lovely husband and I, we:
  • Sorted and cleaned the column of drawers in the kitchen. Even the third one down.
  • Cleaned out the appliance cupboard - the one that holds all the icky greasy plug in gadgets like popcorn makers and jaffle makers. And my collection of preserving jars. They are breeding.
  • Cleaned out the under the sink cupboard. Seriously, how many packets of green scourers does one family really need? I also binned my collection of mouldy sink plugs. Shudder.
  • Cleaned out the fridge. Totally. Every single shelf & drawer came out and got scrubbed. Icky
  • Cleaned the windows, inside and out. Squashed fly gone.
  • Pulled the fridge out and cleaned behind it and under it. A job that I normally never ever bother doing as I have been usually guaranteed to move house soon enough anyway. I suspect that old ruse is no longer valid, now we are "settled". (This will not, however, ever impact my steadfast refusal to clean the oven.)

Does it make me very pathetic to admit that getting all of these very overdue jobs done made me really happy?

That we spent the rest of the day in loved up bliss, me and the fab five, for the sake of a clean kitchen?

It probably IS tragic of me, and likely a sign of some unearthed physiological issue. But I do not care.

I have a clean kitchen, and that rocks.

Tell me, is it just me? Or does finally getting awful jobs done make you feel happy? (Reassure me?)


  1. Spring cleaning [once you're into it] rocks and a clean kitchen is a sight to behold and enjoy....*sigh* now you're making me feel guilty, which means at some point this week, my kitchen will get spring cleaned too, so let me thank you on it's behalf!

  2. Oh do you remember that song? Was it Jimeoin?

    ahh here we are

  3. I am impressed...I haven't even put that on my to do list....although it does need to be there!!

  4. Must have been something in the air yesterday. We did the bathroom & kitchen. Then I vacuumed and mopped the walls and ceiling. Yes I did. Begone horrid cobwebs and duct from the 3 & 4 metre high ceilings!

    I feel so satisfied when everything is clean and fresh!

  5. keepcatebusy (Cate)November 14, 2010

    It is so not just you - my stress levels sky rocket when the place descends (on a daily basis) into utter chaos. I luurrrve tidy!! Ah the calm! Ah the love and family harmony that results from my genuine glee at tidy!I'm a bit jealous of you at the moment...(note to self: must get off couch)

  6. We're trying to get our place ready for sale in the new year so it's immensely satisfying when a job does get ticked off.

  7. We're trying to get our place ready for sale in the new year so it's immensely satisfying when a job does get ticked off.

  8. I'm perfectly blissful when I've tackled some big cleaning or sorting job - so no, it's not just you. You're normal...or were both whacked - I'm not sure. I do know that my thoughts are less cluttered when my little world is less cluttered.

  9. you are definitely not the only one. I'm actually looking forward to attacking my kitchen today. I feel your bliss and look forward to my own today!


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