Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas......

This may come as a shock to some (Melissa & Sarah), but dare I tell you I am getting quite excited by the idea of Christmas this year?

Today, whilst I shop (child free) I am casting my net further afield, in order to check out Santas.

So that I can find a nice one with the appropriate beard and nice face. So that tomorrow I can take the kids after school for a Santa photo.

I have also spent time with Olivia, trimming up her costume for her Christmas concert.

And sat at the table with Lexie, making Christmas decorations.

And helped Charlie do a Christmas themed show and tell.

I'll be honest, I am not sure what's come over me?!

Normally I am bit of a Grinch. Not so this year. I am feeling quite festive and sparkly, already.

Are you excited about Christmas yet?

Or dreading it?

Which bits do you love and which bits do you hate?

Tell me? Share?


  1. NerdycomputergirlNovember 24, 2010

    I'm dreading the shopping ... I hate shopping at the best of times. Thankfully I only have to get presents for 4 small people under 7 so shouldn't be too hard to find something quickly. Get in and out as quick as I can is my motto. All the older kids are more than happy with iTunes vouchers :-) which I can do over the web.

  2. Um, getting more and more excited each day. We have two Christmas concerts this week alone (one the 11yo's and one the 3yo's) Same night, same time, so I've shotgunned the 3yo's with glowsticks and sausage sizzle.

    When the tree goes up, that's when it's time to get excited for me, December 1.


  3. I am excited ... and I to am not normally ...Im even ready to put the tree up I feel like my fingers are itching to get it all out the attic and get it up.... not sure my husband would agree but I'm raring to go....

  4. I L~O~V~E Christmas but unfortunately I'm married to a man who does not, so it kind of slips by every year without much fanfare and I don't get to go the whole hog and decorate the house to the nines, have a huge Christmas dinner with lots of family and friends - which is what I'd truly love.

  5. Chasing a MiracleNovember 24, 2010

    I am a grinch.. purely and simply a grinch..
    I too have a skip in my step this year, as it is the first year i get to celebrate christmas as a mum!
    In fact, saturday is the day we are going shopping for our first christmas tree EVER! Hmmm think i better blog about that adventure ;)

  6. keepcatebusy (Cate)November 24, 2010

    Very excited about xmas this year! It's not technically our 'turn' to have xmas at home, but events have transpired which mean we will be having our extended family xmas lunches at the start of dec...which means xmas day is all ours to enjoy in peace. Oh yay! xxx

  7. Last year Christmas gave me anxiety. I was so not having it. The tree taking up valuable real estate in the living room; the shopping; the family togetherness, it all just made my hyperventilate.

    This year, I'm so ready. And eager. It's great!

    (Also? I'm already done shopping. Score!)

  8. Same here! I'm normally stressing and cranky about Christmas this time of year. Not so, I've put up the treeS, I'm pretty organized and I'm quite happy about Christmas....ah, it's nice. :)

  9. I've been a little stressed this year. I've been out of work since August, so Christmas is going to be slim this year. Not that it all about the presents, but it is nice to be able to get a few things.
    So, as its turned out, I've been able to get several items and the rest has worked itself out. Other than that, trying to do things with family and spend time together and listen to music and do all the things that make memories and don't cost a cent.
    Merry Christmas


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