Sunday, 21 November 2010

Getting the Right Balance

The adorable Farmer's Wifey is guest blogging for me today. Her blog is lovely - a gorgeous mix of travel, life and family.

I love my computer but I love my children and husband more.

I wanted to start this post by stating the bleeding obvious above. I've been thinking about this issue for quite some time now, but I didn't really know how to articulate it all...

Last week on Dr Phil...and yes, I am warming to his shows..the topic of the day was technology (primarily texting, facebooking (facebooking's a verb??) and how it can easily take over your life to the point of obsession. Or addiction.

The show featured a mum of two, who texts and drives...with her two daughters in the car. She was so obsessed with facebook, and status updates that she literally worked on facebook while driving on the freeway.

She saw the error of her ways, after a scolding from Dr Phil.

I don't text. I can't text. Well, I can, but I suck at it. It takes me forever to tap tap tap out the message and then I usually lose it at the send part. My texts to friends are ridiculous....they may consist of "C U Tomnowor" which translates to "see you tomorrow". See? I suck.

Now I love my new laptop. I can relax at night, Googling "stuff" while watching my favourite TV shows. It's kinda like bliss. I have a deep affection for my laptop because it gives me an insight into the world...

I facebook, to catch up with friends, and I blog to meet new ones. If I want to read about a country, or a movie, or a slice of history, this technology allows me to do so.

I don't know what I did 10 years ago without it, to be honest. Perhaps I got a lot more done. And that brings me to the point of finding the right balance between technology and family life.

There have been some instances where I have been using my laptop and the kids have wanted me for something. I've done the "just a minute" or the "wait, I'm busy" stunt, which, frankly, is not on.

Is my computer more important than seeing the rainbow with my little girl, or listening to my son talk about his day at school, or watching my 9 yr old dance to her new song? There is nothing more important than these fleeting moments, that will be lost forever...

I stopped blogging for a week recently because I was behind in some things...just general housework, and paperwork that was being neglected. And I really missed being online...I have a need to find out what is going on in the world....

As a mother, I know I can do it all, it's just about getting the balance right. If my child wants me, I drop what I am doing, and I go to them. I don't blog in the morning before school. My laptop is put away during the day, if my kids are home. We play tennis instead, or I watch them in the pool.

Family time is so important, and I don't want our kids to turn into non speaking anti-social teenagers who text, and Google, and separate themselves from family life.

My time is at night, when the kids are asleep, and I can relax and know that I am not being's my time.

Technology is here to stay and I love it, but this amazing time with my children while they are still young and they still want me is so much more important.


  1. I hear ya!! My time is first thing in the morning before the rest of the world awakes. But even then there are times when 7.30 rolls around and I am still blogging. Then the panic sets in and the racing around the house begins ... yelling at the kids to get ready for school ... So yes. Discipline of self is needed with a very firm cut off time ...

  2. Yes, finding the right balance can be a challenge, especially when you're a working single mom who blogs!

  3. Farmers WifeyNovember 21, 2010

    Thank you Lucy for allowing me to post here....

  4. Farmers WifeyNovember 21, 2010

    Thank you Lucy for allowing me to blog here x

  5. Guilty - it's way too easy to put the important people off.

  6. I'm guilty of too much online time. And I tweet as well...
    I should close the laptop during the day, but I don't know if I could.
    That is shocking!
    Great post. :)


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