Tuesday, 16 November 2010

At the pool.......

One of the very best value days out that we enjoy, during the summer holidays, with the kids, is the pool.

We live in the foothills of Adelaide, which is still only a short drive from the beach.....but....our local outdoor swimming pool has me. It has my heart.

It's actually the same outdoor pool that my lovely grandparents took me to when I was a child. Nothing much has changed. (The kiosk still sells PaddlePops and Bush biscuits, just like they did in the 1970's.)

For the fab five (two adults and three children) to sepnd the day at our local pool, it costs us $18.

The kiosk is not over priced - all of the ice creams & snacks are standard milk bar prices.

And to be honest, we take a picnic anyway.....an array of healthy snacks that are grazed on all day, plucked from the esky.

Our local pool, like so many Aussie outdoor pools, has lots of grassy areas to lay out the rugs and towels - on a hot day, we stay all day, and make the poolside lawn our base camp.

Sunscreen  and hats on and the kids happily play, swim, eat, play, swim, snooze, and swim again, all day. They adore it.

Lovely husband and I take our paperback novels and the newspaper, and swap between taking a cooling dip with the kids, reading in the shade, or having a snooze. Bliss.

And the kids? They are hanging out for the summer holidays so that they can hang out and spend lazy fun days at the pool. They cannot wait. They see it as a huge treat.

I love our local pool. It is family value at its absolute best, for me. Close, cheap, easy to organise, it tires the kids out beautifully, and I get to relax.

Have you been to your local outdoor pool recently?


  1. Anj (@anjwrites)November 16, 2010

    Love this...and the pics of the local pool. One of my fave parts about living in Sydney is the choice between the local outdoor pool or the many, many beautiful ocean pools dotted along the beautiful coastline. One of my top goals this summer is to start swimming regularly - it is a type of fitness I've not yet conquered and the outdoor pools seem to be calling! ;) xo

    P.S. Both my boys took swim lessons at Australlian Swim School in Las Vegas...and, for a short time, happened to have the sweetest Aussie instructor. She was in the US on a school break, but returned to Adelaide, so let me know if you're ever looking for a new instructor for your kiddos!

  2. I love our local pool. It costs us about the same to get in, and the kiosk is just as it was in the 70's.

    On a good day, there may only be 2 or 3 families there... on the really hot ones it gets more crowded, but not too bad.

    One day last Summer 2 locals came in with their kids, and their guitars, one of which was a steel string... they played for a few hours unassumingly in the shade... it was bliss.

  3. How nice - lucky you to have something like that so close. We have an outdoor pool near us that looks nice, but Global Warming hasn't quite heated it up enough for me to go anywhere near it yet. Another couple of years with my heating on full should do it

  4. life in a pink fibroNovember 16, 2010

    We love the local pool - they put back the opening this year until late November. Sucks. Waiting...

  5. We grew up at our local pool. Now we have one in the backyard and tend to hit the beach when we go elsewhere, but your post has me missing our local... we'll be making a trip this Summer for sure. The sounds at the local pool cannot be found anywhere else. x

  6. I live 3 blocks from a small lake within the city so it's free! There is also an indoor pool since it never gets hot enough here to enjoy swimming outdoors. Well, maybe about 2 days out of the year we can swim outside.

    I loved this post because as I'm stuck in winter you're talking about going swimming. Love that!

  7. Holly @ Good Golly Miss Holly!November 18, 2010

    We love the pools too! Wollongong beaches are maybe 30-40 minutes away but the pool is a cheap and easy option on those sweltering Summer afternoons ... Miss 3 gets excited if we even drive past!

  8. Lovely! And the photos in that frame just look perfect.

    Do you know, it cost myself and two five year olds $16 to get into the most inner-city Sydney pool today; that's a bit steep isn't it??!!


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