Sunday, 24 October 2010

Starting School ........

I posted a little while back, on how Charlie has started out at school.

Last term he did the "transition" days, from kindy to reception.

Big school.

And now, he is officially a school boy.

(SA has a rolling termly intake. As soon as they get to age five, they start in reception the very next term. He is a term late, as a result of his broken femur. The anticipation, as a result of this delay, is all the more heightened!)

He loves it.

He can barely contain his excitement at the prospect of school each day.

He is dressed and ready to go by 7am every morning.

He skips and jumps at the idea of a school lunchbox.

He is fascinated by the bells, the rules, the library, the routines and the whole school system.

He loves his teacher. He loves that he knows a number of the big kids. ( I love this too. I find comfort in the idea that he is being looked out for by the older kids.....)

He loves learning to read. He loves his water bottle. Hell, he loves homework, even!

I suspect the novelty will wear thin, soon.

But I have a gut feeling that his confidence in the school setting will stay. And for that I am truly grateful.

But for now, we will all just revel in his joy and enthusiasm.

He is already excited about Monday morning.

I am just a bundle of relief and gratefulness that he is all OK at school.



  1. What a wonderful start to school.
    I hear so many fantastic things in this post and celebrate with you the wonder and joy that he is experiencing as he begins his 'big school' adventure.

    x Felicity

  2. My daughter had her first prep transition morning last week. Skye loved it aswell, and she can't wait to start school in three months.

  3. Andrea (Revealing the Real Me)October 24, 2010

    Beautiful - don't you just wish you could bottle all that joy and excitement!

  4. Posie PatchworkOctober 24, 2010

    Such a big event, my 4 love school, makes the whole transition so much easier. We're up to high school now, the time flies!! Love Posie

  5. Oh that's so fab he's enjoying it and excited about going. I'm struggling with the opposite reaction here and this has really heartened me x

  6. What a wonderful weight of your mind!! Cappers is raring to go in January, a big change from Max who was... reluctant. It was SOOOOO stressful when he started. Hopefully Charlie's love of school will continue to grow and grow. It really is key to happy learning. x

  7. Sounds like you have a very happy little schoolboy on your hands there!

  8. Farmers WifeyOctober 24, 2010

    Oh he looks awesome in his uniform...don't they look so grown up when they put it on!!

  9. Hard to believe is at school already OMG the years have flown.
    he is so cute all grown up now.


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