Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday Grateful...

If there is one gorgeous blog in the whole wide word to follow on a Saturday (or any day of the week, to be honest!) it would have to be Maxabella Loves.

She writes so enticingly, of the lovely things she is grateful for.

And inspires me, and many others to conjure up, in our minds, what we are truly grateful for too.

For me, today, this lovely Saturday at the start of summer, I am grateful for......

- the fact that each of my three children are so happy in their respective school and kindy environments. Charlie, my son, received a Principle's Award yesterday, for "settling into school life so well."  Proud? Me? Yes. Very. Relieved and eternally grateful? Yes. Very.

- my friend Kat. She has been dealing with some crap and stress these past months with her beautiful third child, who has suffered from some bad burns.  But we had a long coffee yesterday, over my ironing board, and I feel so grateful and relieved, knowing that they are both getting back to normal.

- hammocks. This photo says it all. Like Maxabella, I believe hammocks are a happy place.

- and finally, I am grateful for my lovely husband. This time five years ago today, he and I, we had our wedding day, and we tied the knot. It has been a blissful five years. There is never a day that I presume to take our marriage, or him, for granted.

What are you feeling grateful for today?


  1. That I don't have the daughter's cold....? Yet? Bwahahahaha ;) And that we have a safe, leak-proof roof thanks to the hailstorm of March earlier in the year. Set for lots of rainfall from over SA way this weekend (and we used to get leaks galore - very old house, previously old roof).

    I adore Maxabella's blog too.

  2. Happy anniversary!

    I agree hammocks are so relaxing, and knowing your kids are happy at school? What a great feeling that is.

  3. Happy anniversary to you lovely lady! I love your hammock. It is filled with such treasure and delight. xx

  4. Happy anniversary to you, lovely Lucy. I bet that lucky husband of yours is gleeful today that five years ago he snagged one of the nicest, most inspiring, most generous ladies around. Well done to the big guy!

    And may I just say that an award for "settling into school life so well" to me would be the best possible award that a junior burger could get for his first few weeks at school. Well done to the little guy too!

    Thanks for the love. It's made me so happy to hear you say that. You know I'm a bit blarkless at the moment, but a whizz around my favourites has made me so happy to be a part of the blogging world. So, hey, well done to me while I'm at it!! x

  5. It's thindering as I type. Playdate in the rain anyone? I have set the five of them up with a DVD - grateful for cheesy kids movies!

  6. I am in bliss. I know it could all change next term, but for now, very relieved and grateful.

  7. Two moments later the treasures were bickering...but hey.....LOL

  8. Hugs to you, sweets. xx

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! May you have ten times as many anniversaries yet to come :)

    I too love hammocks. They are the best place to be!! I think thats why I wanted one for my next baby so much :)

    I am grateful for the rain today because it is watering my garden and not costing me a cent! Its a very peaceful lovely rain too.

  10. Love your list of gratefuls. Hammocks are certainly a happy place (as are your lovely lovelies!) I hope Kat and her bubs heal soon. How awful. xx

  11. They are both doing a whole lot better. Thank you!

  12. They are both doing a whole lot better. Thank you!

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  14. Gill@OurParklifeNovember 01, 2010

    wow, happy anniversary!

    you have a lovely list of gratefuls here...Your poor friend, I feel quite sick just reading wishing her lost of healing love for her and her bubs...

    Gill xo

  15. m.e (cathie)November 02, 2010

    happy anniversary & wonderful grateful list.
    hope your friend & bub will be ok.


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