Saturday, 16 October 2010

Saturday Grateful

THis Saturday I am very grateful, for so many things - I am feeling a little loved up -  so I am going to follow the lead of the gorgeous Maxabella Loves again, and list all the lovely things I am grateful for today -

  • My iPhone that tells me it the time in the UK and the slide of a screen, so that I can call my big brother so very easily. And talk for an hour or two first thing in my morning, last thing at his evening.

  • I should also mention that my big brother is my absolute hero, and that not a day goes past that I don't wish we lived in the same village together. Thank you Chas, for just all that you are, and being the one that always brings me back to centre. xx

  • The Weber and a roast chook dinner that I do not have a hand in cooking. Always, I am eternally grateful to Mr Weber, who makes it appealing for my lovely husband to cook.

  • Home grown beetroot. Gorgeous stuff. Love it. Thank you, lovely husband, for the green fingered man you are.

What about you? What are you grateful for, today?


  1. Not sure I could love without my iPhone anymore. Actually I know I couldn't.

    Home grown beetroot? YUM. None of ours survived the miserableness that was winter. Jealous!

  2. I have tagged you in a meme. It's here:
    You'll notice that your blog entry prompted one of my questions!

  3. The Clip CafeOctober 17, 2010

    Oh I have never had a weber cooked meal but hear they are YUMMO! Great when Hubby does it too!

  4. It was divine. We have shed-loads. All harvested in preparation for the tomatoes to go in. Wish you were closer - I'd give you a basketful......

  5. It was divine. I ate WAY too much, but it was so yum.

  6. Mmmmmm beetroot is so delicious isn't it. Yum!

  7. Becks and the cityOctober 17, 2010

    Hey Lucy.

    I've never quite understood how to tackle real life beetroot -- I've only ever used it from a can. I feel like a curious city-dwelling alien creature who doesn't know where food comes from! It is definitely delicious though, whatever its mysterious origins.

    Thanks for the blog hop! : )

    xx Becks

  8. I am also grateful for the warmer weather, which inspires my husband to cook on the BBQ. Fresh air, glass of wine, and some chatter. Lovely.

  9. Terille, you are so right. I cleaned our outdoor tables and chairs so that I could sit and was lovely. The hammock will be out next, and then I can swing in the sun and chat, all to the smell of roasting meat.........

  10. Oooh Becks, if you love it from a can, you will ADORE it fresh. It's cheap in the shops at the moment too - just top and tail it, and peel like a potato, then wrap in al-foil or baking paper to bake.....that's it. Serve as is, nude and unadorned. Bloody delicious.

  11. Sarah, we have a glut. But I am not complaining......(off to google more recipes now actually...)

  12. Oh yes, the BBQ. Don't ever let the men know that since gas came in, it's really just a big, outdoor stove.

    Your brother sounds fantastic. What a great relationship. Lucky Lucy.

    Thanks for linking, my good egg. x

  13. I am lucky. He is brilliant. I just wish he could upsticks and leave the UK and come live around the corner from me in Adelaide. It'll never happen...


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