Friday, 15 October 2010

Sandwiches that kids love....

It's that time again.

Term four.

The glitter and glue term.

The run up to Christmas term.

The tired and cranky term (That's the teachers and the kids: all tired and cranky!)

My son Charlie, aged 5, started school full time this term. (To say that he is loving it, is an understatement, by the way!)

My elder daughter, Olivia, aged 6,  who is already fully ensconced in the school routine, is already looking forward to the preparations for Christmas concerts and carols by candlelight, on the school lawn.

And me?

What do I have to look forward to?

More lunchboxes.

I am only at the infancy of my lunchbox creation career. I have YEARS of lunchbox inspiration to find.


So I asked the kids what THEY liked best for their ssandwiches:

Olivia said:
  • Not big things. I only like small things Mum, that I can eat quickly.
  • Small sandwiches that taste yum
  • Not too much Mum
  • Yummy things that are not soggy or smelly
  • Squishy bread that tastes of bread
Charlie said:
  • Not big things Mum, I don't wanna make a mess
  • Not sandwiches every day, that is too boring
  • Not brown Mum. I get sick of brown bread. I like white bread best Mum.
  • What if I get hungry at school Mum?
  • Mum, I like egg rolls.
  • Mum, does the teacher help me eat?
Oh my. It's a minefield!

BUT....... it's OK.

I have raved on about my love of Bakers Delight before.

They make "real bread", that, as Olivia points out, actually tastes of bread.

They make low GI, high fibre rolls and loaves. It's called Hi-Lo (Hi-Fibre, Low-GI).
(So I can get some fibre into Charlie without forcing him to 'endure' brown bread.)

It appears that my children do not want to spend much time eating lunch - I gather that eating breaks into their play time - they would, quite rightly, rather spend their time running around than munching. So small filled rolls or sandwiches that will provide slow sustained energy release is ideal. Fills their little tummies nicely and gives them low GI slow release energy to keep going without getting whingey at me by school pick up time.

And they seem to want neat small things, a dinner sized roll that won't outface them? That isn't messy? A handful at most?
The Bakers Delight near me sells the Hi-Lo bread in loaves and small dinner rolls. Sorted then, for the mornings toast, AND their lunchboxes.

And in terms of fillings?

Here is their list of favoured fillings -

1. Ham and tasty cheese
2. Vegemite and cream cheese
3. Cold corned beef
4. Mashed hard boiled egg and mayonnaise
5. Cold roast chook
6. Mashed tuna and cucumber
7. Mashed egg and ham
8. Cold sausage and cheese

(They also mentioned Nutella and peanut butter and jam. No chance.)

So there we have it. Charlie and Olivia are more than delighted with this bread. And I am too, to be honest. It makes me feel like they are getting a tastier and healthier lunchbox sandwich that will really keep them going. And the bread is soft and white and really tasty - the kids love it. Simple as that really.

Tell me: what sandwiches &fillings appeal to your kids? Do you dread the creation of lunchboxes as much as me?

Bakers Delight have organised a few ways to make sure that you have a few ways to try their Hi-Lo bread. They are running a competition on their blog.

AND, I have scored some vouchers from Bakers Delight, for my lovely readers so that you can try the Hi-Lo (Hi-Fibre, Low-GI) bread from Bakers Delight, for free.

Just comment below, with some of your best filling ideas? I'll pick the tastiest five and send you a voucher!

So what are some of your ideas?

Better still, share some of your kids ideas?


  1. We are so boring. Vegemite for two of them, honey or jam for the other. This is at their request. We've tried the ham and salad wraps, they come home uneaten. We have changed to multigrain or wholemeal though which they all vowed they would never eat. Funny what happens when you're starving at lunchtime hey.

    Great ideas you've given there Lucy xx

  2. Curvaceous QueenOctober 15, 2010

    I like to go outside the square for lunchboxes and mix it up a little. Mini quiches, noodle cakes, pita pockets stuffed with salady goodness.

    My personal fave is cream cheese, turkey, cranberry and crunchy lettuce with a sprinkling of grated carrot - yummo.

  3. vegemite is a big hit and sultana and cheese. Yep thats my boy, weird and wonderful suits him best. We also use those lunch punches and cut out shapes and that is the biggest hit.

  4. Joni IbarraOctober 15, 2010

    My daughter loves SPAM Lite with greens, mayo & cheese in a Chia Bread. May not be too healthy but at least I know she's eating something at school before she rushes out to play. Like you kids, my child wants to finish the task of finishing her lunch as quickly as possible.

  5. We love to take a rolling pin to a slice of Bakers Delight bread (we have one up the street and as a treat, we walk up and buy a couple of loaves to freeze every few of weeks) - cut crusts off first, spread with cream cheese and/or lay a bit of smoked salmon inside. Roll up like a sushi roll and cut into little bite size pieces, then I skewer them with little animal toothpicks. Some would say that's too much work, but your kids are right: who wants 'boring sandwiches' every day?! This is the same boring sandwich, just with a different look ;) Shhh don't tell my daughter, she loves her sangas this way once a week or so.

  6. And here's a pic of the end product in a post I did a while back:

  7. Holly @ Good Golly Miss Holly!October 15, 2010

    Oh. My. God. Those sandwiches look unreal - I'm hungryyyy!

    We're a fan of Baker's Delight too. Their bread is definitely the best on the market, and seem to have the least amount of preservatives. My kids are hypo enough without the extra preservatives to egg them on ;)

  8. We do standard sandwiches. There is no way Maxi-Taxi would consent to mixing it up. Generally I would do mini-quiches / noodle box / meatballs or sushi if we wanted something more exciting than a ham and cheese sandwich or an apricot jam and cheese sandwich (his own invention - a way to get jam in I suspect - but, try it, it's nice...)

    But I do make "sushi sandwiches". Spread half a slice of bread with cream cheese and the other half with vegemite. Put a stick of cucumber down the centre. Roll. Cut into sushi bites. Delicious and a bit of fun. x

  9. Snap, Maxabella! Me too ;) Sushi sandwiches are awesome and never left uneaten in this house.

  10. lucky me so far, creche still fills the tummies and I don't have to pack anything.

    But one of their favourites is Hommus dip in a brown bread sanga, no crusts remaining of course.

  11. Привет всем!
    Отличный форум :)

  12. My kids love

    *Ham and pickles
    *cheese and pickles
    *mashed egg and tomato
    *sweet spiced gherkins and cheese
    they also enjoy sayos with cheese and tomato as a sandwich alternative

  13. Chloe loves only healthy sandwiches -in it she mostly has cheese ,cucumber ,grated carrot ,lettuce,tomato,slices of pineapple ,beetroot. Other days she will just have Ham & cheese or vegimite :-) such a healthy kid lol...

  14. seasidechickOctober 15, 2010

    I have a boy starting 4yo's next year. Luckily he doesnt have to take lunch, just a snack, so thats easy for now. Unfortunately, I have a pickie one, that wold gladly have vegemite and cheese or peanut paste and honey on any variation or white bread every day. Its hard to push him to eat different things too, as he has anxiety issues (OCD). Anyone got any suggestions

  15. To start with, give him what he is comfortable with and what he likes. I am a great believer that food shoud never be a battle. So white bread and cheese & vegemite go for it, if that is what he likes.....

    Once he sees what other kids have, he may want to branch out a little?

  16. I am so with them on the pickles! (My personal fave is sweet tomato and beetroot pickle and mersey valley crumbley cheese on these soft rolls!)

  17. The childcare centre we use (where Lexie still goes) has a full kitchen - imagine my shock at all this lunchbox shenanigans!

  18. Ummmm, you two are evidently onto something here, with the sushi sarnies! I am going to try this next week!

  19. Holly, seriously, this week, every day, Olivia has come home and told me that her lunchbox is "yum" - 'cos it's real bread. They just prefer it.

  20. So cool. I love love it.

  21. Ahhh, spam! My three love a bit of "fritz" which is the South Aussie version of Spam!

  22. I am off to investigate lunch punches now!

  23. Me too on the cream cheese - I LOVE me a bit of Philadelphia - I use it instead of butter on most sandwiches......

  24. Vegemite and cream cheese is Charlie's stock standard fave.....and lovely husbands too, to be honest. Nowt wrong with a smear of vegemite......

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  26. Trish @ my little drummerboysOctober 16, 2010

    Thin sliced turkey and cheese with a scrap of cranberry(I say it's Jam) or mayo (white tomato sauce) and a few slivers of lettuce.

    Avocado mash spread as 'butter' , cheese slice and Turkey

    Grated carrot, avocado (Shrek butter), lettuce.

    At home the favourite is BLTAC & sauce Bacon,Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado & Cheese ....

    My kids refuse to eat eggs ... ever and at all.

    Still their all time favourite is vegiemite and cheese, or toasted cheese melt in winter.

    (i buy the Aldi Turkey or chicken it is perfect for sandwich size and thin plus a good price).

    I find children don't like messy fat sandwiches too.

    I also cut shapes with cookie cutters and they eat both the cut out and the shape, instead of triangles/squares.

    We love Baker's Delight bread because it has no nasty preservatives and tastes so fresh, so many varieties.

  27. Trish @ my little drummerboysOctober 16, 2010

    PS our shapes are the Aldi's pack of 50 for $10 , I think they only sell them on rotation. Quite a few are a great size for shapey sandos. Boats, Trains , dinosaurs ...low plain filling sandwiches (vegie/cheese/slice meat) work best.


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