Thursday, 28 October 2010

I am a RunnaMumma!

The very lovely Shelley over at Shoebox Life posted a pic of her gorgeous self in her running stuff today.

The very lovely Naomi over at Under the Yard Arm is organising us all via the MDC to get organised and stay focused on our running training.


How is my training going?

Good. As Olivia, my Miss 6, tells me, I am a RunnaMumma!

Now that the 21km deadline pressure from my last race is off somewhat, I am enjoying running even more.

On Tuesday night I ran 10km on the treadmill....with my iPod on loud, whilst the ladies in the other half of the footy club hall closed the door on me and did their yoga. (It is all scented candles and gorgeous peaceful music and bare feet and I am yearning to get into the yoga thing, to be honest.)

On the tready, I timed myself and I am SLOW. I did 10km, on an incline, and it took me 1 hr 12 mins 7 secs. Which works out at 7km per hour. That is only a bit faster than a walk.

SO, next week I am aiming to get it a lot quicker by forcing myself to do at least the first half with the treadmill set at 9km per hour.

It's tempting to have no incline, but I honestly find it to be more like real road conditions if I set an incline.

Hot sweaty snaps below. Sadly I do not look as glam or as slim as I would like.

Ah well....something to aim for........

So, anyone else planning on running the MDC? Or starting a C25K program?

Link up?


  1. Hang on a minute. You did this whole 21 km run thing and you are beating yourself up for being a slow runner? Um, Lucy, you are a runner. You ARE a RUNNER. I mean, you run. You actually run. And you can run a really long way. You are definitely a RunnaMumma and I bow in your sweaty glory. So shut up ....

  2. Hello. And Bye.

  3. I heart RunnaMumma! And I love your flushed cheeks.
    I just want to share a little quote from the Runner's World Complete Book of Running.
    'A runner should consider herself an athlete, whether she's fast or slow, tall or short, small or large'.
    And you my lovely are an ATHLETE. xx

  4. I love that! RunnaMumma! I was going to basically say what Shelley said below... so I will not repeat it.
    As for yoga... I love it, it stretches and strengthens my body and helps with breathing... I like to use it as a warm up for runs midweek too.


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