Sunday, 31 October 2010

England vs Australia

I have been thinking a lot, recently, about the town that I grew up in. Arundel, West Sussex. South Coast of England.

It was a town of immeasurable attraction, and still is.

And despite my family's somewhat eccentric approach, I believe I had, in the main, a blissful childhood.

I have been wondering why my memories have been dragged back to Arundel so often recently.

Nostalgia regarding school, perhaps? Or rivers, castles and windmills? Open air swimming pools and bridges and old cobbled streets ?

Or cricket?

My paternal grandfather, my Dad, and my brothers, they all played. Loved the game. And so, I too, through familial osmosis almost, acquired a love of the game and all that cricket encompasses.

The light and the sun and the air that is just summer.

The sounds of the clapping and of the cheerful sledging. The focus and the enthusiasm. The warmth and the pride.

As a child, I would be there, most weekends, all summer. Between the pool and bike rides and picnics, there was always cricket.

And now? And now I am married to a man who lives and breathes for cricket. A man who watches and listens avidly to every available match via radio, television and internet stream.

A man who has played cricket (at varying levels)  for his whole life, a man who coaches under 14's, a man who will umpire. A man who nips to check on the pitch of his local club on the way home from work most days in the summer. A man who keeps wicket and opens the batting and captains his local turf club side.

As my children start their foray into the game they already presume to love, we have kanga cricket. They love it. I can feel my lovely husband thanking the powers that be that he met me, a cricket lover, and that we pass this love of the game onto our children.

Well played.


  1. That is so sweet, he checks the pitch on the way home from work! You both are very lucky to be able to share this with your children. Lovely post :)

  2. Ah, the cricket tragic, I know him well.

    As I post this in my man's office, I sit under a beautifully framed and lit photo of the 1948 Australian Cricket Team otherwise known as 'The Invincibles'.

    This year we will be traveling to Melbourne to watch the Boxing Day test match which will be a great treat for my man and somewhat fun for me as long as there is plenty of great Melbourne dining and shopping included.

    Thanks for the post, I'm sure that it will 'hit' a chord with many readers.

    x Felicity

  3. Cricket for your husband, American football for me. We men love our sports.

  4. Cheeseboy, you are right. As soon as I post about cricket, my lovely male commenters from the world over pop in & I am reminded that for men, too much sport is still never enough!

  5. Ah, Felicity, your man and mine, I suspect they would relate. I know The Invincibles well.

    I am envious that you are going the be at the Boxing Day Test. I will be listening on my tranny at the beach.....

  6. Kirrily, last year we drove from Adelaide to Sydney just after Christmas - 2 full days of driving - no portable DVD players - & forced them to listen to the Test match. Poor little loves, have no choice! xx

  7. We are a cricket family. Hubby lives and breathes it. Our first born came along during the 1999 World Cup, it's the sounds he was feed to and held to those first long nights home. We have been a milo cricket family, and now we are a club cricket family.

    Living in Melbourne now we go to the opening day of the Boxing Day test match. I love the way the day unfolds, families with picnics of left over turkey... books and newspapers int he quiet spells... claps for runs, cheers for fours... even watching the bay 13 antics!

    One of the best cricket memories I have is of my blue eyed boy being part of the milo cricket lunch time on field show at a one day match in Hobart. The gleam in his eye was heart clenching.

    Seeing Ponting get a century on day one of a test, and him doing his bat salute to the crowd... I said to Hubby... that's for US!!! We're here, we're part of the crowd he's saluting! It was, it is thrilling!

    Thanks Lucy... I'm getting all excited about cricket again now! Think I best be doing a post on it too soon.


  8. Arundel is just down the road from me! We drive though it all the time and go to the castle.

    So who do you root for? England or Australia? Must be torn...

  9. Michelle Twin MumOctober 31, 2010

    I love Arundel, my hubbie lived there for a while. Lots of good tea rooms! hmmm

  10. Naomi, you just made me cry.

    If this is what you write in a comment and if this is how you can echo my feelings for the game in a comment, I simply cannot WAIT to read a post from you on cricket. xx

  11. Hello lovely - I susepcted we hailed from the same neck of the woods. (I am sure I recall a Brighton pier post of yours? Although Bristol is ringing a bell too?)

    Interestingly I always barrack for Australia. Always have done, apparently, since I was a tiny tot. (English Dad, Australian Mum.) My Dad always told me I was destined to marry an Aussie. And here I am....

  12. Tea rooms for the trippers! We lived on the Causeway, overlooking the river. It is an amazing place.

  13. Catherine FleayOctober 31, 2010

    Oh Lucy, you know I'm a cricket tragic too! God I love having Foxtel and being able to watch the various test matches (and one dayers and T20s) around the world - better than some of the crap on tv these days!

    My story though is a bit different - I was in labour with child #3 on the day of an Australian 50 over game. I had an epi and it was working well and I was keeping an eye on the cricket via the tv in the room.

    The baby was working it's way out, the ObGyn tells me just one or two more pushes....... me, I had to call a halt to the proceedings for a couple of minutes! I couldn't miss the last 2 overs of the innings - it was a bit too close.

    The end result: the Aussies won and I got a beautiful, healthy baby girl!

  14. Catherine FleayOctober 31, 2010

    Stuffed the avatar / log in on the last comment! Must be the distraction of the Aussie / Sri Lanka T20 match!

  15. Well, I kinda like it and I kinda think it's boring, but the drone of the commentary and the thwack of the ball will always mean summer to me. x

  16. Phil plays cricket during winter. Lazy Bastards cricket I believe it's called. And, he plays it with a neighbour a good 1 hr from here. So this year we went and watched the grand final (they won) and my kids were kind of into it. Kind of. I'm more a 20/20 kinda gal myself but I think being forced to bowl to my brother in the front yard or he'd tell Mum I'd said the shit word kind of put me off it. :) Lovely post. x

  17. Oh and AUSTRALIA of course :)

  18. Cricket season reminds me of Christmas holidays, when we would listen to boxing day test. I love the cricket tradition. Although my husband tried to play one season and ended up with the nick name Duck.

  19. What a cute post!


  20. Gill@OurParklifeNovember 01, 2010

    i have memories of watching the cricket test matches together as a family and going to watch my brother and dad play....I remember the old channel nine opening song and sequence of the cricket and the voices of the commentators so vividly...

    One thing I like about cricket is that old school, etiquette it has....and the fact that they take tea breaks...!

    lovely post

    Gill xo

  21. Gill, the tea breaks.......ahhhh. And dare I tell you, that in local turf cricket, the teas are pretty vital? That clubs jusge each other not only on their sledging ability and their attack, but on the quality of the teas laid on? A packet of squashed Iced Vovo's fromt eh dervo just doesn't cut it.....apparently.

  22. I suspect nicknames are an essential part of the local game - my husbands cricket nickname is "Disco", as his whites were a tad too tight for him about 7 seasons ago and the nickname has stuck.....

  23. Lazy Bastards cricket......Andrew now wants to know what it is? (Indoor cricket?) and where can he play....winter cricket is his fantasy.

    And Bern, your tale about your brother - you know he'd have been emulating a hero of his day? Boon, or Border (or someone?)....xx

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  25. Chappel!! But yes it was our bonding moment. Him blackmailing me, me hating his guts for it. :)

    And Lazy Bastards Cricket is just normal cricket played every 2nd Sunday but in winter because "It's too fucking hot to stand on a field in the middle of Summer". :) Move to Brisbane although every year they say it is their last. :)

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