Sunday, 17 October 2010

Eight Questions......

I was tagged, recently, by Deb. To answer eight questions -

I came across Deb's blog as her blog name is Diminishing Deb. I am so glad I did. Her weight loss journey is inspirational.

The questions she asks of me are this:

Is there a book that has made you change your life in some way?
Allan Carr's Easy Way To Give Up Smoking. Seriously. I do not think any other book, ever, has has such a positive impact on my health, and on my world.

Black Licorice - do you love it or hate it? Have you ever met anyone who doesn't have a strong opinion on black licorice? Errrr, me. Can take or or leave it. Not fussed either way.

What is the worst job you ever had? Chambermaid in a hotel. A honeymooners hotel. Rank.

What are you waiting for?  A bloke called Kevin...........

What country do you want to see, or see more of? I want to go to Poland. And live and breath its modern history. Don't ask me why. I just feel such a strong pull to the place.

What is the first thing you notice when meeting new people? Whether they smile with their eyes or not.

What are you grateful for today? Walking in Morialta Conservation Park with my friend Adele. Both are so special.

What would a really fun evening be like for you? I'd love to go see some stand up comedy, or a band. And then have dinner with friends. And then go parking.......


  1. You're not the first person to say such wonderful things about Allan Carr's book. I am sorely tempted to buy it when I attempt to give up smoking (again) later this month.

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  3. Poland... Nooo. why!

  4. SIGH... Kevin...

  5. Thea SmithOctober 17, 2010

    Nice, more new insights into Lucy!
    I haven't been visiting enough lately.
    I vow to make time to! :)

  6. Jade, I rea dit years ago, and I must not have been in the right space for it. But when I read it in Jan 2009, it just was magic......

  7. I just really NEED him, y'know?

  8. Here's the thing: I don't know why. It's almost like a mystical pull, that drags my heart to Warsaw.

  9. I am always here lovely Thea.....xx

  10. Parking? LOL

    Lucy, you saucy little minx you!

    What a nice post. I get what you mean about meeting people and whether they smile with their eyes or not.

    Sometimes people look dead on the inside. I find those people tend to have great sadness and/or cruelty in their lives and in their hearts.

  11. MultipleMumOctober 17, 2010

    I could happily go on your night out with you (except I will leave the 'parking' to you and your husband while I head somewhere else with mine) xx

  12. Jodie at Mummy MayhemOctober 17, 2010

    Go parking, hey? Oooh - haven't done that in aaaaages. ;) x

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  14. eenni meeni meOctober 18, 2010

    I knew why I thought you were a smart lady - I too worship at the altar of Allan Carr. I even went to one of his group sessions in London years ago and I have never looked back since!!

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