Monday, 13 September 2010

Sleep & a Giveaway.....

My regular readers will recall how I am fairly passionate about the importance of sleep.

Both for my children, my friends, and for myself.

My kids, thankfully, are good sleepers.

They are all in bed by about 7.30pm, and sleep all the way through until about 6am. Bliss.

If you read back here, you'll see that I have adopted a habit of at least 3 early nights a week. Also bliss.

I was in the habit of lighting a scented candle before bed, but one problem with that is the thought that an open flame is burning as I am asleep, and obviously we couldn't have candles in the kids rooms.

SO, when I saw that you can now get a pure lavender oil in a spray, I realised I could give the kids rooms and our bedroom a spray, before sleep, and it would have the same gorgeous impact as a scented candle. I am so sold.

Bosisto have since sent me a stash of their Lavender Spray to giveaway.

I am not usually a fan of spray "air fresheners" as they generally smell fake. But this is an entirely different product - just pure essential lavender oil, in a spray.

So it can be used in place of a scented candle for soothing and relaxation before bed.

Or as a cleaning and freshening agent.

Or on insect bites. (My kids often complain of mozzie bites at bedtime. I am thinking this spray will solve the itch and the sleeplessness?! Result!)

The spray is available at Coles,in the medicinal aisle, and I also noticed that my local pharmacy sells it too, which is handy. It's around $12  for the spray, but I am realising that it is lasting a really long while, so pretty good value. (We've been using it every night in all our bedrooms.)

For more details on the spray, and also the other essential oil products that Bosisto's specialise in, their website is here:

So, if anyone would like a free Lavender Spray, all you need to do is become a follower of my blog, and let me know in a comment to this post what you would use the Lavender Spray for........easy! I have five spray's to give away.

Open to readers located in Australia only.  I will use to pick the five winners.
The closing date will be Monday 20th September.


  1. Oh, I love lavender. I've tried to do something like this with the EO and water spray but it never really cut it. Probably had the dilution wrong...

    All of my kids are good sleepers once they are asleep, but getting to the point of sleep is a battle every night. Both of my boys take a long time to wind down at night, so a spray on their pillow might help calm them...might also assist in getting rid of the 'boy smell' in their room! The little girl thinks that she's missing out on things if she can hear anyone still awake...makes every night hard work. I think a sleepy spray would be awesome :-)

  2. It sounds to me like that spray would be a perfect 'scary dream' spray. One spritz and all scary dreams would be blitzed. At least, that's what Mr3 would think.

  3. I love lavender and have long used for mozzie and insect bites. I would love this spray as it would be handy for another trick I use, I dab a bit of essential oil on a tissue and wipe the light bulbs on our lamps (obviously when not on and hot) and so when you turn them on it emits the lovely lavender scent.sadly though the energy saving ones it does not work as well so this spray would be a great solution!! fingers crossed.x
    ps thanks for your comment on my blog lucy over the weekend it really made my day and has re-inspired me. If you ever have down days please know you are an inspiration to hundreds of ladies out there!! you are a gem!

  4. I adore lavender scent. With renos about to start I suspect my scented oil burner is going to get quite the workout!

  5. Sssshhh... I make my own with distilled water and a few drops of lavender oil in an old Method bottle. We use it to send little tsunamis off for sweet dreams. It doesn't exactly work (no secret that I have terrible sleepers) but gee the place smells great.

    BTW, you can also pop an electric oil burner in their rooms so you don't have to worry about candles. Just saying.

    Obviously I won't be a recipient of the Lavender Spray giveaway after these couple of comments, but I'm okay with that.

    Long time follower, long time caller, Lovely Lucy. x

  6. Apologies for not following you... thought I was. I am an idiot who is clearly in need of more sleep - and love love lavender. xo

  7. I would use it to help my lovely man get a good nights sleep. Being s shift worker he struggles to get to sleep, is restless when he is asleep and likes to midnight snack ;-)

  8. It is a fight every night to get Annabelle (my 3yr old) to bed at a decent hour. I wonder if by spraying her room and her bedding with the spray, the lavender might work it's magic on her and make her sleepy.

  9. I would use it in the laundry to make the sheets and towels smell pretty.


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