Monday, 27 September 2010

Six ways to work out at home......

My lovely friend Alice recently askedme to write out some strength training ideas for her to do at home.

She is keen to add strength training to the walks she already does.

She is, like me, over 40.

These bones of ours need strength training to increase their density, to avoid the threat of osteoporisis later on in life. (Especially me, filthy dirty ex-smoker that I am!)

So, the below is what I put together for her, around what I know I do at home, that works for me.

All of the exercises are easy standard "moves" - youtube has a million videos on technique.

But the point is, it is easy, to do at home, in 30 minutes, around kids.

When I started doing this at home, I specified to myself that I wanted a 30 minute home strength workout that required NOTHING else, apart from me. No weights, no balls, no skipping ropes, no bands, no equipment at all, just me.

(I do admit that I do this to music. So my iPod is my only accessory...)

So this relies on the body using its own weight as resistance.

1. Five minute warm up - I jog on the spot for five minutes or so. (Or the first track of my iPod playlist.) Or use steps if you have them?

2. Push Ups - against a wall, or the ground - 3 x 12 push ups. I do the first set against a wall, the second set from my knees on the ground, the third set is full push ups. Nearly kills me. But I like lovely lady arms.......

3. Squats - full Russian ones - 45 of them. If you can do them in heels, even better. (Apparently that is good for the very inner thigh as well as the arse?)

4. Lunges - deep and low - 45 of them.

5. Sit ups with core tightly sucked in - 45 of them

6. Five minute stretch to cool down


I ache the next day if I have worked hard and well. It's a good ache. I like it.

Do you do any strength or resistence exercise?  Weight training?
Share with me?

If you do do this type of exercise, what works for you?

And if you're currently not strength training, do you think that you could get into the above?

Tell me?


  1. I do a very similar thing at home... well, I used to, and want to get back into it. Thanks for the reminder! For something so quick and easy, it's actually really effective.

  2. Thanks Lucy - What great tips! I think I can do those...of course I'd have to put down my cocktail first.

  3. eenni meeni meSeptember 27, 2010

    This is great! I have written it down and I will stick it on my fridge. I think these are totally manageable you just never know where to start or how many so thanks!

  4. Catherine FleaySeptember 27, 2010

    It's amazing how many obstacles we can create to avoid exercise - no gym membership or home gym equipment, no knowledge of how to do exercises properly, no time ..... well, this post shot them all in the foot! Thanks Lucy.

  5. Catherine, that is exactly what promped this post. We need nothing but outselves to walk and weight train. Zero cost, massive benefits.

  6. Easy as. SUCH a good feeling when it's done. An easy place to start. (And then, in a few weeks, I can show you how to get a bit more progressive with the weights.......)

  7. Of course! (But keep the heels on!)

  8. Megan, I was thinking of you when I started writing this!

  9. Interesting that if it takes 60 mins it puts you off. Does she mix it with cardio intervals?

  10. Ouch!

    I'd only add running up and down the stairs at home to the list.We live on a hill with a steeeep driveway, a flight of stairs to the verandah, through the house and up another flight of stairs to the bedrooms. I do the 'circuit' about 5 times and it's is a killer workout and gets me everytime. I started only being able to do 1 and I'm working up to 10. x

  11. PERFECT! Whatever works!

  12. PERFECT! Whatever works!

  13. Thanks for the great tip.

    Going to give those a try.

  14. Great tips, Lucy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. Great tips, Lucy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. Jodie at Mummy MayhemSeptember 27, 2010

    Ooh - I like these tips, Lucy! I've been doing my workouts on the treadmill, and sometimes I lift weights a little afterwards, but not every time. I'm hopeless working out how many I should do etc.


  17. Yes, I love to do this kind of workout at home. It can be frustrating to do a Wii workout on the weekends because my son wants to do it too and throws a fit if he can't have a "turn." So, what I do is, I do an activity, then it is his turn. During his turn, I do jumping jacks and push ups and stuff like what you listed above. Then, I get a turn again, and then he gets a turn, and I stay active during his turn. Teaches him turn taking, and I still get in a fun workout.

  18. Ph Kristy, that is SUCH an adorable idea. Cute and efficient!

  19. This is an awesome work out routine. I am going to give it a try starting tomorrow morning.


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