Wednesday, 15 September 2010

On target, On time and On budget.

Thank you to everyone that commented on my post yesterday.

I was a little suprised and touched, I guess, that some of you were wary, on my behalf, of my decision to weigh in again, after all these months.

As a result of those comments, I guess I should explain why I have chosen to weigh in again?

I am a project manager by profession. Before children, I was a talent at getting major projects completed, on target, on time and on budget.

Finishing stuff is what I do.

I start things, I finish them.

And I see that weight loss ticker of mine up there showing me that I still am not finished.

I have more to prove, to myself.

So, I am aware that I am not going to get all obsessed, or put myself under negative pressure.

But I do need to forge ahead and make some number orientated progress, so that I feel like I am closer to the end goal.

So, I weighed in.

My muscle weight has gone UP
My water % has gone UP
My body fat % has gone DOWN
My overall weight has stayed exactly the same.

I am happy with that.

Very happy.

So, maybe next week I can weigh in again, and it'd just be really nice if I have lost a little bit?

I am just going to do a little more planning. A little less processed carbs at night. A few less lattes. A bit more water. A bit more exercise. That is all.

Wish me luck?


  1. That's awesome! Muscle up, fat down! that matters more than pounds! :) Good for you!

  2. Awesome work. Less fat is good. More muscle is good too. Toning is great the weightloss will come. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Well done Lucy, I knew you would get the result you were after!

  4. Thats terrific Lucy :). A perfect result all round then (I've just read your last post and how well everything else is going also :D ) xo

  5. This just shows that you know what you're doing. You're there. I love your outlook!

  6. Fabbo! Bravo bella! .... sounds like there's a little ding stuck in my throat today! Well done!

  7. Good for you, Lucy! That's really, really great news. At the end of the day the 'maintaining' is the hardest bit and you've proved to yourself that you can do it and be happy at the same time. So pleased for you. x

  8. Hey, that's great! I only just read yesterday's post today. Great going!! So you don't really need scales to 'keep you honest' after all?! :)

  9. That is so awesome! You should be very, very proud of yourself. :)

  10. lifeinapinkfibroSeptember 15, 2010

    Great job Lucy. Your project is doing much better than mine. My exercise count is up, but the cutting down on the food end is not going so well. But you inspire me. More walking tonight.

  11. Jodie at Mummy MayhemSeptember 15, 2010

    Sounds good to me! Was just talking to my friend this morning about bloating, and both agree that dairy and bread seems to cause it. I think I eat waaaay too much bread. In need of more balance.

    I'm not a scales fan - I go on how my clothes fit and just by what I see in the mirror - but each to their own and whatever helps. You're doing so well!

    Hey - NICE comments system. ;)

  12. Well well well lookey here, it does look super cool. Am now excited. Great blog too Lucy of course xxx

  13. Haha! Thank you for your help....

  14. Lucy you have achieved so much with your weight loss, while juggling a busy life and a family. To have lost 35 kilos is absolutely amazing. I agree with Thea you dont' really need the scales because you understand how to have a healthy lifestyle and the weight that is left to lose will probably just fall off by itself without faffing with the scales. xx

  15. Taryn, thank you. SO much. And on the one hand I agree with you. But on the other, there is the little scaredy bit of me that frets that I fall foul to old habits very quickly if I get my guard down. And I want to get the goal weight achieved. (I may very well allow to to float back up a little, depending.) But I need to cross the finish line before I do that? Does that make sense? xx

  16. You're doing so amazingly, Lucy! xx

  17. I've missed you! Been busy and haven't checked in. And now I have and I have caught up. You are doing so well Lucy!! I can't wait to have a cuppa with you in a couple of weeks :)

  18. that's the best result ever!

  19. I'm just catching up on everything in my Reader Lucy. Well done. I'm so proud of you. Your attitude, your achievements- you're an amazing person.


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