Friday, 3 September 2010

The Odd Bunch

My local fruit and veggie shop does the odd bunch of flowers, in a random way. They are a bit hit and miss, but this weeks are lovely.

Spring has meant that the kids are devouring more fruit even than usual, so I have been into the fruit and veg shop twice this week, which makes me feel happy for some reason.

Have a lovely Friday..........and tell me
what you have planned for this weekend?


  1. Love the flowers, they look like spring to me!

    We're off to the Tim Burton exhibition this weekend. Yaynes!

    Have a great weekend xxx

  2. Oh they're pretty Lucy.

    You inspired me, I bought flowers this week. I love seeing them when I walk into the loungeroom & they smell lovely. I may just have to wrangle the budget a bit to be able to accommodate some each week.

  3. I do appreciate your pretty Friday flowers, Lucy. They're always cheerful.

    This weekend I have two lots of two words for you: no soccer! Saturday sleep in! Yay! Otherwise, nothing exciting except Daddy's Day is going to be a doozy in Maxabellaland. We've got big plans for spoiling.

    Oh, I'm babysitting MultipleMum's multiple children, but that will just be same s* different house.

    Have a fab weekend.

  4. Mum had her gastric band removed today (as a minor complication it eroded into her stomach but all is well - she has a great surgeon and lost 50kg) so the father's day breakfast is at my place instead of hers. So my weekend will be planning and cooking, then entertaining on Sunday morn before going to see West Side Story in the arvo. Not bad, eh?

  5. They are gorgeous. I love odd flowers. They seem more, like, natural when they are odd.

    And those colours. Sigh. Perfect.


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