Saturday, 25 September 2010

My new exercise plan.......

It's that time again.

School holidays.

Which is all fine and dandy and bloody busy with play dates.

I love that I get to chill with Olivia and Charlie and Lexie more.

And I love not having that seemingly constant ferrying shuttle from kindy and school and swimming and basketball and dancing.

And I love love love not having to make up bloody lunch boxes.

And I love not having to race around every morning, nagging at every juncture, to "please finish your cornflakes, can you get a wriggle on and get dressed please, where's your homework folder, don't forget to take your library book back, please, would you just get dressed, where's your drink bottle gone, don't forget to hand that form in, for the love of all things good, would you please GET DRESSED?!"

But my exercise also runs in 'terms'.

My group personal training operates along the same timings as a term.

And so I have two weeks off from any structured fitness work.

Which is nice.

But I miss it.

I have just two weeks to go until I do my half marathon. You can read about it here and here

(I am fundraising - if you would care to sponsor me, I would love you forever - just click here.)

22km. Fark.

So I need to do a final big practice go for distance tomorrow, Sunday. Then a week of steady intervals. Then taper off.........

I don't like the tapering off bit. Makes me feel nervous.

Then, once the run is run and done (literally) we will be into term four.

Lexie will be attending four kindy sessions a week, giving me a little more free time, more me time.

And my exercise will look like this:

Monday - 6.00am - weights and resistance
Tuesday - 7.15pm - 10km run
Wednesday - 9.15am group personal training session
Thursday - 6am - Intervals
Friday - Home workout
Saturday - Rest Day
Sunday - Long walk

Bring it on.

I cannot believe I get so excited just from writing down my exercise timetable.

I cannot believe I actually like this exercise bizzo.........


  1. I wish you all the best with your marathon Lucy, I can't wait to hear how it went. We have just had our first week of school holidays here and I can really relate to enjoying not packing lunches! Poor hubby misses out during the holidays, coz hey, I'm on holidays too!

  2. Michelle Twin MumSeptember 25, 2010

    Good for you Lucy. Iwish I could get enthused with exercise at the moment. Oh well that will come next, only just got back on the being good with food wagon again yesterday.

    Good luck with the half marathon.

    Mich x

  3. Oh man, so when I meet you face to face for the first time next week, you'll be one week away from a marathon (there's no half about it ... 22km is a marathon in my book). Wow!!! You go girl. My exercise plan starts in term 4. Just got myself a trainer. I'll be about to join your blog hop again!! You've inspired me ...

  4. I know what you mean, I planned to run heaps this week, but the kids on hold made that hard... they even watch me when I do yoga FFS.

    22k? you're a legend. I'm worried about doing 10!

    All the very best, sponsorship coming your way xxx

  5. Jodie at Mummy MayhemSeptember 26, 2010

    You are so inspiring, hon! Go for it! xx

  6. Go Lucy go!! You are such a legend.

  7. Go Lucy go!! You are such a legend.

  8. Good Golly Miss Holly!September 26, 2010

    Your are a star Lucy, love the exercise plan x

  9. Good luck! A half marathon is SO exciting!

  10. eenni meeni meSeptember 27, 2010

    wow wee! what a plan you have. You have kicked me into action!


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