Friday, 10 September 2010

Flowers For Friday - au naturel...

My Mum has had her other eye done this week: dense cataracts removed, so I am a bit overwhelmed at not having enough time for anything much at all, let alone flowers.

I did go to her local florist to buy her a very beautiful scented candle though. I wish you could smell it. (I bought myself one too. Utterly divine and much needed by me. Jasmine. The scent of angels.)

And I notice that spring  is sprung in our garden, with some bulbs naturalizing in our lawn.

So let us enjoy them whilst we can, before they get whipper snippered by the lovely husband.......

Have a lovely Friday and I hope the weekend is
a sunny and relaxed one...


  1. I love bulbs that just pop up anywhere. Though we do have the same whipper snipper problem that you do...

  2. So pretty! We have bulbs EVERYWHERE. Every year I put in some more freesias and jonquils and our garden smells like a dream right now. I'm going to keep putting more and more in so that every year the show is more amazing.

    I didn't lift my hyacinths last year and they actually came up this year, but didn't stay up for long. You really do need to follow the rules.

    Happy Friyay dear Lucy.

  3. I love the smell of Jasmine. I hope your Mum is on the mend quickly, Happy Spring, Lucy xx

  4. Beautiful flowers! :) I owned a candle business for five years and I could never bring myself to like the floral scents (like lilac and jasmine). When I had to make them, I would let up all the windows in my shop so the smell wouldn't linger. LOL I love bakery scents though. :)

  5. Pretty! As you are moving into spring, we are moving into fall. Luckily, because we have had more rain than usual, my fluffy pink roses are still in bloom, which is a treat!

  6. gorgeous flowers! Nothing like spring bulbs to make things seem better! I hope your mum is recovering well!

  7. sending healing thoughts your moms way.
    lotttttsa eye surgery experience here with my own parents.


  8. I hope your Mom is feeling better and has a quick recovery.

  9. Hello again, Lucy! I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a blog award! Just hop on over to my blog to find out the details. Congrats! :)

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