Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fat to Fit Blog Hop

It's Fat to Fit time again........last week was HUGE , with over 25 blogs all linking up. Thank you, to all of you who join in!

If you would like to join in my blog hop, I'd love for you to link up.

All you need to do is:

1.Follow my blog (if you haven't already done so).

2.Get the "Fat to Fit" button/code from below by copying the code and posting via the Edit HTML tab into your diet/weight loss post: if anyone wants any help with how to do this, lemme know?

3. Add the URL to your diet/weight loss/healthy eating/exercise/fitness post POST in the Linky below (not your homepage: the actual post)

4. Copy the blog hop code from below into your post too.....then you are also hosting the exact same blog hop link list...

5. Follow at least one other blogger.....share the love, and comment!

6. The blog hop list will open every Thursday and will be open all week.

7. A new and fresh link list will open every Thursday. (And then, if you want, you can link up again with another diet/weight loss/healthy eating/exercise/fitness post.)


  1. Thanks for doing this linky every week. I have found some inspirational weight-loss bloggers. Shame they are not rubbing off on me...

  2. I'm struggling with it this week. I think in my heart of hearts I just don't think I can do it. Really hard to have to motivate myself AGAIN to lose so much weight AGAIN and then put it on AGAIN. I'm on a roundabout that I just can't seem to get off. Sigh. x

  3. Sorry about that : ) Is that better?

  4. Thanks for the linky, Lucy! :)

    My post is just a quickie this week to log in my stats. Happy! Happy!

  5. I'm here! First time ever. Check me out. I've only been TRYING to get here for a month or FOUR.

    Yay me.


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