Thursday, 19 August 2010

Winter Warmers - Barley Kernel Pudding, and Hats...

Two things to maintain a little winter warmth from me today.

I keep hearing that it is warming up in Sydney and Queensland. Not so in Adelaide, I fear. Freezing, still.

The lovely Maxabella has asked me for this recipe....

As kids, we would often be served this, by my Mother, who was no doubt trying to get some hearty & nutritious warmth into us.

(The amount of butter probably negates the nutrition these days. And certainly the volumes of jam we plopped on top did too. It is delicious never the less, with its sticky children love it. A gorgeous sweet casserole!)

Barley Kernel Pudding (Serves 8)

100g barley
1200ml milk
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
50g brown sugar
100g butter

Flaked almonds
Jam or golden syrup to serve

  • Combine all ingredients apart from the almonds in a pan to melt the butter and dissolve the sugar
  • Add the barley, simmer for 20 mins, stirring regularly. It takes ages for all the milk to get absorbed.
  • Pour into in a buttered casserole dish
  • Sprinkle with flaked almonds, then bake for 20 mins, at 180`c, until toasted and brown on top
  • Serve with dollops of jam or syrup

And, if that is not warming enough for you, maybe a cosy beanie?

A soft hat that is a cross between a knitted cap and a beret? In a gorgeous chocolate brown? I love it. I am warmer with it on that I have ever been before.

Of course, it comes, again, from the lovely Thea of Do I Really Wanna Blog fame, who, as I have mentioned before, makes these gorgeous hand sewn items to order, via her online shop Sew Thea

Tell me, when winter feels like it has been going on forever, what are YOUR best winter warmers?


  1. Well, living in Melbourne I'm here to tell you winter HAS been going for ever. Sigh...

    Oh well, before you know it I'll be complaining of the heat!

    My best winter warmers? Choc self saucing pudding with cream. Red wine. A good book.

    Here's to the return of warmer weather!

  2. YUMMO! And can I just say... SEXY! THat haircut suits you soooo much, as does the colour! LOVE IT!

    My fave winter warmer would be a nice red wine, beef, carrot & mushroom casserole with some really creamy mash all washed down with a nice Pinot.

    And for something sweet, that would be Rice Pudding (the emergency stove top kind!) with freshly grated nugmeg.

    And clothing well my famous big fluffy Jacket that everyone tries to steal ;)

  3. I sense a theme here, ladies, of red wine.....

  4. You are looking too cool for school in that hat!!

    My fav winter warmers (ha, I live in doesn't even get cold here) are red wine, fluffy slippers and flanny pjs...heaven xx

  5. I just love getting my toes into my crocs lined with sheep wool (or whatever it is) - toasty tooties!

  6. Yay!! Love your work, Lucy!!

  7. PS - the beretish is gorgeous. x

  8. I've only got pearl barley - is that ok?


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