Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Who knew downsizing could mean upsizing?

Hi everyone, Allison from Life In a Pink Fibro here. Lucy has graciously invited me over to visit, and I'm thrilled to leave my own four walls and swing by for a guest post...

One thing you don’t expect when you move to a country town is that you’re going to exercise less. Fresh air, check. Wide open spaces, check. Quieter roads for cycling, check. Beach up the road, check. It’s all here and I’m not using it. In my defense, it is winter – beach action tends to ramp up around the end of October. But the rest of it?

I have only one explanation. The pram. I never thought I’d say this. I can’t imagine any mum in the world imagining the day would come when she’d say this. But. I miss the pram.

When Mr6 was born, we lived in an inner-city Sydney suburb where it was too painful to drive. If you moved the car, you’d never get another car park. If you drove the car elsewhere, you’d never find a car park when you got there anyway. So if my destination was within, say, a 45-minute walk, then I’d walk. I’d time it with a sleep, slot him in with a cosy wrap and, later, a drink, a snack and a book to ‘read’ and off we’d go. I walked for miles. Weight loss after baby number one, not a problem.

When Mr3 came along, we were still in the same house and I just bought myself a Phil & Ted pram, put Mr6 (then three) in economy and Mr3 (then 0) in first-class and off we’d go. Later, I swapped them over, with Mr6 (then three) loving the front row and Mr3 (then six months or so) unable to speak to tell me any different.

This arrangement worked well for us for nearly two years. Weight loss after baby number two, not as effective (harder to time the sleeps together) but still not bad.

Eighteen months ago, we moved to the Pink Fibro, on the south coast of NSW. We live about a kilometre from town and 1.5km from the school. Last year, when we had one car and Mr3 was still small enough to push and happy enough to be pushed, we walked Mr6 to school every day, and back – nearly 6km a day for me and Mr6 on his scooter.

But things have changed. Mr3 is getting too big and heavy to push. Besides, he wants to walk. Unfortunately, he’s not up for the round trip to school. And now we have two cars. So I walk less and less. I have to go out of my way to fit in a ‘walk’, which is new territory for me. I’ve always been a person who likes to incorporate exercise into my life. Fitting it in feels like extra work.

The other downside is that when I get into town and find myself at the supermarket ‘picking up a few things’, I have to carry them home. All five bags. With no handy pram. I’m at the stage where I’m considering joining my 86-year-old neighbour in the purchase of a new shopping ‘trolley’ to drag it all home.

That’s the thing with a pram. You don’t realise how useful they truly are until they’re gone.
And you’re walking at pre-schooler pace.

Weight gain after move to the country: becoming a problem.

Anyone out there got any solutions?


  1. I'm in exactly the same boat, Allison! Will come back and see if anyone has any suggestions...

  2. Why not just walk on the spot when your watching your fav tv show or get a Wii Fitness board & Wii Fitness plus game (although its not a game) then you can exercise when you want this is assuming you have a Wii Console.

    Your posting came just in time as I only started exercising yesterday & I have said 4pm is my exercise time.

  3. I walk everywhere and can't drive and weight loss is still a problem so no solutions here!

    Does severely limit your relocating options though.

  4. What about one of those trikes with a handle? Then when Mr 3 has had enough peddling he can stop and you can push from the handle?

    Either that, or I hear the trolley Granny style are on the way cool now in that retro chic way... and perhaps if it's bug enough it could accommodate Mr3 and the shopping!

  5. No fabulous advice from me unfortunately but I totally understand where you're coming from - Miss 3 has decided that she'd rather scream the place down than get in the pram, so what would be a 10 min walk has now become an hour. Sigh.

    Too bad I didn't take advantage of being able to stick both babes in the pram when I had the chance ...

  6. Doo Dah is into the scootering. When I get out walking (still have a pram for the twins) he comes along on his scooter. Not sure if he's last the whole 6km round trip, but might be worth a try?

    Otherwise, I suggest you get on my bandwagon and economise on exercise by swapping from walking to running. I could never find enough time to get out for a walk that would challenge me, so I started running. 30 mins and I am done. C25K is a good start.

    Lovely guest post BTW!

  7. Ooh - the bike! My in-laws are about to give my daughter a bike for her birthday, so that will be perfect!

    Thanks Nomie!

  8. Great to see you here at Lucy's! You and your pram zipped all over Sydney... you used to go for days up that hill back to home with 6 bags of shopping. Super fit.

    I would take the pram down to the shops anyway. Mr3 can walk some of the way and ride the rest. Get one of those scooters that go on the back. He can ride on that with the shopping in the cart.


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