Saturday, 28 August 2010

Some soul for your Saturday

I have had cause, this week, to reflect upon the births of all three of my children. (And you'll find out why, over the coming weeks........)

An artist that never fails to remind me, intensely, of my first birth, is Lisa Stansfield, an English pop and soul singer.

Her music has featured a lot in my world from way back when in the mid 1980's, to, well......... now.

I am still a fan.

This clip is glorious in it's "nineties-ness"



  1. Hey Lucy, thanks for the trip down memory lane. Absolutely love her smooth voice and could sit and listen to it for hours! Particulary love the lyric that goes something like ..."Believing is the answer, the answer to all your fears".

    Hhhhmmmmm. Kinda fits with the weight loss journey bit too!

    How's your Mum's eye healing?

  2. A blast from the past, hadn't heard that song for ages :)

  3. I am intrigued! Hmmm. Are you ... um ... ?!?! ... well ... are you?

  4. Hi there. I am just stopping by from LBTP. I looked around a bit. First of all you are beautiful!! Secondly, I can almost hear you speaking in your Australian accent and I LOVE it. Great job!!

  5. Stopping in from the tea party:) Love this clip! It put me in a great mood after listening to this. Thanks so much. Looking forward to visiting your site again. Thanks for stopping by ours!


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