Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Shhhh!! It's Sleeptime!!

Howdy do,

It's Lori here from Random Ramblings of SAHM. I have infiltrated Lucy's blog for the day to bring you my fabulousness guest-posty-ness.

And I'm going to do something horrible.

Mothers of small children, brace yourselves. This isn't going to be pretty.

I'm just wondering if you remember something from back in the day.

Maybe not, it was a long time ago.

But does anyone remember sleeping in....?

No leaping out of bed at full sprint to race a toddler to the toilet. No breastfeeding a baby. No children jumping up and down on your legs, stomach, face or nether regions. No waking up before a reasonable, civilized hour. Like 7am. Ahh, bliss.

Oh, it hurts doesn't it? I apoligise. I know, I feel your pain. I remember it too. Just vaguely. I'm sure it wasn't a hallucination. There is evidence, in that at least my Man remembers those days too.

*ahem* Excuse me, I got a little off track there. But as you may have guessed, one of the parts of the BC (Before Children) that I miss the most is sleep. Long, uninterrupted periods of gratuitous, dreamless, peaceful sleep.

I've been chronically sleep deprived for the better part of three years now.

So is it any surprise that my favorite time of day is... well.. bedtime? Not even my kid's bedtime, but my bedtime?

That's bad, I know. And I have a sinking feeling that Lucy and Sarah are going to answer this question with something cool like "Playtime" or "craft time" or "story time", and I'll sit here in my uncool corner and feel all uncool.

 Hey, but this cool! Bed from BusyBoo

But I just can't help it. Heaven knows I love my little darlings and they mean the world to me. But I hark for the familiar softness of my bed, with the Man bed-hogging and snoring next to me, where I can just be still and not use any energy and just have a think around in my own head for a bit.

For at least two blessed hours in a row before one of the little angels wake me up again. Some nights, if I'm really lucky, I get four hours consecutive sleep. Huzzah!!

Maybe, sometime in the very un-near future, I will have reduced my sleep debt to a manageable amount and other parts of my day will start to appear just as appealing as sliding myself into bed.

Or, you know, maybe not.
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  1. Ahhhh Lori, I do empathise. My three are now all sleeping through/out of night nappies/over the midnight wanderings. But I totally remember.

  2. Tee Hee! I love bed-time too!

  3. I have 4 and 6 Year olds NOW - but I used to have a newborn and a 2 year old. I cannot remember getting into bed - let alone sleep!

  4. Well I'm probably going to be booed offstage for saying... my favourite time of day is early, early morning (as in, 6am or sometimes, even earlier). Now that the daughter is 4yo and out of nappies, etc., I have reclaimed this most gorgeous time of day. And it feels even more luxurious these days, seeing as it's been years since I've felt like willingly getting up at that time :)

  5. Oh honey you are in good company. You know what I fantasize about? No, not that. Pffft!

    I think about when I move into my own place, have my OWN bedroom with my own bed and that every other weekend that the kids will be at their dads... Yeah, you know where I'm going, don't you? Zzzzzz......

  6. In fact. I may stay in bed all. bloody. day.

  7. AGREE! All I want to do is sleep in at the moment - hide from the cold, the sickness, the KIDS (yes, I said it out loud).

  8. Oh, I remember when I used to complain if I'd had less than 10 hours sleep the night before. Then, after having my daughter, I was saying weird things like 'Wow! I got four hours IN A ROW last night!'

    I can't really complain though - I do have a good sleeper. And when she does wake up these days, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm back to sleeping heavily and I don't even hear her (husband gets up). Bad mother... but happy, rested mother all the same!

  9. That's one of the great things about retirement..going to bed and getting up when I feel like it. If I want to go to bed at 9:30, I can; if I want to stay up and watch Leno, I can. And I get up whenever I damn well want to! lol

  10. OMG! I wants that bed!!!

  11. Sleeping in will return to you all one day. In fact with 2 teenagers now, we can regularly lose half a day to our beds on weekends or during school holidays. A guilty pleasure well deserved after years of sleepless nights and early starts.

  12. You will get back to a reason sleep pattern when....they've left home!! no seriously. when they become teenagers!

  13. I miss the days of sleeping until 4pm... lol

  14. I remember the days I missed sleep. Then, I realized my newfound ability to NOT sleep and capitalized on this.


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