Saturday, 21 August 2010


You may have heard me make mention of my Granny before.

She was an amazing woman, and my hero.

Peggy, I miss you every single day.

She and I would laugh, a lot, together. Like naughty school girls. Despite the fact that she was born in 1911, and I was born in 1969, we were so close. Like two peas in a pod. And we giggled, a lot, together.

One thing that made me chuckle throughout my childhood, and the memory of it makes me smile even now, was "pink meat".

It was a staple saturday night dinner at my Granny's house.

"What's for supper, Granny?"

"Pink meat, and good enough for you"

It is a staple dinner in our house now. Exactly the same.

Each and every time I dish it up, with its mashed potatoes and carrots & cabbage, my children call it "pink meat" too.

(I hope, really hope so much, Granny, that you look down upon us, and smile?)

Corned Silverside
1.5kg peice of corned silverside, rinsed
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 stick of clelery, chopped into big chunks
1 bayleaf
10 peppercorns
10 whole cloves
1 small onion, halved
1/2 cup vinegar

  • Slap the whole lot into a slow cooker/crock pot and cover with cold water

  • Cook on high for 6 hours or low for 8 hours

  • Remove the meat from the water. Rinse in hot water. Allow to rest for 30 mins, wrapped in foil before carving into slices.

  • Serve with steamed carrots, steamed cabbage, mashed potatoes and parsley sauce.
 Tell me, do you have old fashioned family favourite meals like this?
Share with me?


  1. YES!!!! Silverside is what my Nanna would always make too! With mash and peas. Oh Lucy it was good. And then you would eat it on toast for breakfast the next day as well .... and Nanna would do hers on top of a slow combustion wood stove. She would also make our toast at that stove. She'd open the little wood burning door bit and put bread on a fork and toast it at the fire camp style. The best toast and silverside ever. Nanna is still with us, but in an aged care facility, but that wood stove is still in her newly sold house. She lived in that house for over 70 years. I hope the new owners make silverside and campfire toast too ...
    Cheers to our grandmothers! And silverside ...

  2. Oh man, I just love silverside too .... or should I say 'pink meat'! The bummer is though that the hubby detests it, so I have to wait until my Mum cooks it and get her to make a plate up for me to get my fix!

    My 88yr old grandmother is still alive and kicking and making her amazing sponge cakes. Just the other day she made me some yummy sausage rolls and sent over a carrot cake. I love that she gets so much enjoyment from cooking and that we get to benefit!

    Besides her love of cooking, like you, it is the time spent just laughing, especially those times when it's something stupid that sets you off, that my memories are full of ....... just love it and her!

  3. Oh Lucy, you have brought me to tears. We call this Nanna's meal. I make it just the same way, and I also make a sauce to go with it that Nanna made... the recipe calls for the sauce to 'sit on the stove side till thickened.' I can still see the wood fire stove in the old kitchen. Nanna died many years ago, but she lives on in the little things like this meal.

    Thank you Lucy xxx

  4. I had the BEST corned silverside in Ireland. It was sooo good.
    Unfortunately neither of my grandmother's were known for their cooking, but my mum made up for it :)

  5. What a sweet post! I will have to try making 'pink meat' some time!


  6. Mmm, thats just how I make it, sans celery. It was a childhood favourite, and its still a staple now. My husband loves it too. Mmmm

  7. Gawd I love silverside. I was never close to my grandma so I am not sure if that was something she would make, but my mum cooks it, I love it and so do the kids. I will call it Pink Meat from now on!

  8. This gave me a laugh had to read this blog when I spotted a picture of my know I remember this meal well and I hated it....!!!


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