Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Miracle Cure......

What if there was a miracle cure, that if you took it each day would give you a less chance of getting breast cancer, and less chance of getting heart disease, and a less chance of diabetes, and could ward off osteoporosis and hypertension?

And not only that,  it would help you live longer and be a whole lot healthier into your old age.

And there are no bad side affects at all! Only good ones - better skin, a greater alertness, a general sense of well being.

Plus, it helps you lose weight!

Bring it on!

How much would you pay for it?

And here's the thing - this cure is available, right now.

And it's free.

Any pretty anyone can get it.

The miracle cure?


That's it. That's all.

No drugs. Just walking.

 Here's the simple deal -

Walk for a total of 7 hours a week.

(That's an hour a day. That's all.)

At a decent pace (about 6.5km or 4 miles per hour.)

(Please note, that this pace is not hard, at all. Even at 125kg heavy, I could manage this pace.)
So if you want to do something simple, JUST WALK.

It's that simple.

Get a friend or an iPod, and walk, an hour a day.

Stroller if you have little kids.

If you are going to tell me you can't find an hour a day - you can, I promise.For me, I just schedule it in, around school pick ups and drop offs and pick ups, around early mornings or early kid bedtimes. Just find an hour. Get up early?

Most days, I just walk.

And if you are feeling crappy, about anything, anything at all, in your world, in your heart, or in your mind, walking fixes that too.

Feeling sad? Lost? Insecure? Pride taken a beating? Feeling lonely or left out? Overlooked or taken for granted?

I promise, walking can fix those awful feelings.

Just walk.

Walking truly is a miracle cure. I am glad I do it.

If you know any other such simple miracle cures, let me know?


  1. I wanted to say something really clever or smart arsey or something, but I've got nothin. You said it all. There is no come back :) Walking. What could be simpler?

  2. i will be walking tonight, thanks to you, though i won't be doing the power walk that your graphic people installed above. they are very, very fit. i'm not as fit.

    great to be here again after an absence. i quit the crazy job, doing freelancing instead. gonna make it work, somehow.

    hope you have a fabulous week:)

  3. Thank you once again for giving me the kick up the butt... I've been finding excuses this week, and giving in to them.

    Once again you're just what I needed. x

  4. and a fantastic time to look at all the world around you....feel part of the bigger picture.

    My dad has been walking an hour a day for 20 years. He is in his 80's - I swear that's his secret!

  5. Thank you. Just the prod I needed. I have been horribly remiss. And it really is so very simple.

  6. Any consistent moderate exercise will do it, I think, but yeah I agree - walking is great - simple and effective.

  7. So true, so very true. What do I do when I'm angry and fit to burst and about to say something stupid? I walk :) It releases so much tension. I need to do it more not just when I'm angry... as I found out this week :)

  8. Now if the pool was open I would be back there walking in a jiff - for me just walking is not good as my arthritis just doesn't allow me to walk for more than 10 mins without being a cripple, but in the water I can easily do an hour or more. Bring on that pool opening please.

  9. done 18 mins on the Wii fitness+ on Mon burnt 122 Cal's then yesterday walked a 10 min walk in 20 mins today going to do more exercise on the wii fit again. Even walking on the spot while watching your fav tv show helps.

  10. It's so simple when you put it like that! I am looking forward to getting back into it soon! Then I'll walk and walk and walk and think of you and this post! x

  11. I started the C25K jogging progam with a couple of girls on Twitter this week ... and failed miserably after one run. So I am planning to walk, 3 times a week for 30-40 mins then go from there. Wish me luck :)

  12. I love to walk. My dog and I, we cover miles :) I've also found yoga to be exceptionally good for whatever ails me ;)

  13. YAY! Then I'm doubly glad that I've been sticking to my 30 minutes a day walking this week (so far). A couple of years ago, I'd do a good walk for 30mins 6 x a week, and felt SO much better for it. I'm back to it. Sometimes I just don't want to get on the treadmill, but once I'm there - love it. And walks to the park with the kids is also great.

  14. I love walking, if I don't get outside to clear the cobwebs it makes for a cranky Andrea!

  15. I adore walking - it clears my mind, it's time for hubby and I to chat, it makes me feel great. I really notice the shift in my mood (and my body!) when I haven't been walking much.

    Great post!

  16. Love this post. Love walking. Just need to learn to do it without the pram. :-)

  17. Yay I can comment!
    And oh how I need to start walking again. I have the fancy new all terrain pram, the pram snug to keep the small boy warm, the toddler seat for when the big boy gives up.... I'm all ready... it's just that it's cold and wet.... and I am a wuss, but you are going to inspire me!!!!

  18. You are so right, Lucy, walking really can fix all those things. You've reminded me that it could probably, definitely fix my moving blues too!

  19. Yepso true and add a healthy diet into the mix and you have the answer for everything. Now I just need to take that advice.... Happy FYB Friday. Mich x

  20. I wish I could find an hour for walking every day, it's too cold to go outside with the kids though. So at the moment I use the treadmill. But I only fit in 30 min, and not every day.

    I like walking, well I like walking when I don't have anywhere to be. Walking, at my own pace and just thinking about nothing, or everything. It's nice.

  21. I should add to this. I managed to find time, by getting up at 5am. Or after the kids are in bed at 8pm. With a friend in the dark, or with the dog.

  22. Great post! I was with you, Lucy... then I just read your comment above me. 5am!!! What tha? But, I could go after the kids go to bed, I suspect. I manage a 1/2 hour run every other day at work... but I'd much prefer to walk.

  23. I agree with the walking but forget 5am..... I'd be back in bed by ten past lol.... I do walk... most days when the dog can be bothered

  24. I used to walk a lot, pre-bub and after with the pram. Living by the beach I see so many older people who walk consistently every day, rain, hail or shine, and I want that to be me later on too. At the moment I've decided it's time to up the pace and run with the Couch to 5k program. Have heard lots of great feedback, and am doing it with some lovely other bloggers for added support and incentive.

  25. I *love* to walk. Pleased to meet you - and great job on the weight loss!


  26. Great post! I love walking 30mins everyday, its definitely something that helps me destress, relax and rejuvenate.


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