Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Highroad.....

Not much inpspiration from me today.

I am up early to go & do a 20km distance.

I am so tired from staying up all night watching the pundits and scrutineers cover the general election.

Hung parliament, for goodness sake.

And so whilst I will not turn this post into a ramble about how I feel about last nights result, I will make mention of the fact that the majority of my Sunday Citar quotes come from the great leaders and politicians.

And here is another -


  1. Rudd stumbles, so don't you on a 20K. Watching from afar, elections that is. Within one week you shall know that you are one week away from really knowing.

    Oh, and back to fitness; you will do more for yourself on your 20K than your politicians will do for you all term long.

    An Outsider Thinking Of Moving To Melbourne

  2. I hope you enjoyed your 20 km and did not find them a hard road, rather a high road - full of endorphins and satisfaction. xxx

  3. We voted in a hung parliament here in the UK, but have ended up with a coalition. Interesting times.



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