Friday, 27 August 2010

Flowers For Friday

I spent yesterday with my Mother.

She has had an operation on her right eye to remove a dense cateract.

I took her to the shops, and she spotted pink hyacinths, and remarked how stunning they were.

I am just glad she could appreciate them: their sight as well as their smell.

So along with the wine, and the bread, I bought flowers for her. Constancy.

And, as it is Friday, it is also time to link up for, read, comment, follow. Easy.


  1. Oh my gosh! those are beautiful!!! So pretty and lovely. I am glad she appreciated them herself! :)

  2. Those are beautiful flowers!

  3. I think they may be the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.
    Love pink, love hyacinths...WOW!!

  4. How pretty and what a lovely colour. I hope your mum recuperates quickly from her procedure.

  5. Hyacinths are one of my all time favourite flowers (are you noticing a pattern here, I kinda love most flowers a lot).

    I am resisting the urge to make a thoughtless, inappropriate crack about smart cataracts.

    I hope your mum is on the mend, Lucy. Those hyacinths will cheer her up for sure.


  6. I love the way you've got the tulle in there too.
    I can't remember the last time I saw/smelled hyacinths. I miss Spring and Autumn things living in the tropics. How wonderful that your mother will get to appreciate flowers even more with the cataracts gone.

  7. Wow, they're gorgeous! Did you put the tulle in, or did you buy them that way?

    Hope you're Mum gets better soon *hug*

  8. When I take my mother out, we shop near her home, in North Adelaide. There is a ritzy florist there, that does the most gorgeous arrangements -the tulle and pot and hyacinths all came together - no artistry from me required at all.....

  9. WOW ... those are so beautiful! :)

  10. Gorgeous! I hope your mum is doing well Lucy xo

  11. I was sure I was going to visit your blog and see daffodils today for flowers for Friday but they are just beautiful! Hope your mum is okay xo

  12. Glad her sugery went well. Those flowers are so beautiful


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