Friday, 20 August 2010

Flowers for Friday (Kind of......)

First of all, can I tell you that I am in my jammies, as I write this? And that I am going to STAY in my jammies ALL DAY today (or at least 'till school run at 3.30pm.)

I am not sick, but I am bloody sick of winter all of a sudden.

So the heating is on.
Slippers are on. 

Lovely husband has taken my eldest, Olivia, to school, which means Charlie and Lexie and me.....we get to sloth round in our jammies in a warm house all day and do nothing more demanding than play Play Dough, maybe blog a little, maybe watch some Charlie and Lola on TV, maybe make some chocolate brownies or some pikelets?

No flowers, as such, this week.

There were a lot of roses at the shops, but I declined. They were all yellow. I am not a fan of yellow roses. They mean "unrequited love" or something a bit depressing.

Yesterday I attempted to take some blossom sprigs from a tree in our garden. Lush pink plum blossom. A sign of beauty and longevity. The tree, from my window, looks potent, bursting with flower.

The sprigs from the tree, once cut, though, look.......erm......bare. Like twigs. Like boring damp sticks with intermittent bits of mean pink fluff.

I didn't even bother trying to take a photo. The sticks just went into the compost. Flowers for Friday fail..........sorry.


I am blessed with a Linear Park, here in Adelaide, that runs from Black Hill (where we live) all the way to the sea, at Henley, via the city.

It is lined, in many segments, with ornamental cherry trees.

Which are in full bloom of blossom. A sign of innocence, spring and simplicity.

So I give you a scenic shot of cherry blossom instead. Remaining where it should be: on the trees........



  1. WOW! That photo is amazing. Enjoy your richly deserved pajama day hon xxx

  2. they look so beautiful :) . Good on you and the kids for having a PJ day :D . If I didn't have to vote tomorrow I would be doing that! Enjoy it :D

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I love a sloth day. Hope you guys had fun!

  4. oooh a sloth day sounds fanTIZtastic.

    hope it was amazing.


  5. I vote jammy day every day! Loving that pic too.

  6. Enjoy your pajama day! And thanks for the concern, btw. I missed you, too!

  7. That is a gorgeous picture. I wish I could have a jammie day too. Maybe tomorrow. :)


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