Friday, 13 August 2010

Charlie's Scarf

You may have read last week how Lexie was modelling one the gorgeous scarfs from Sew Thea.

Not to be outdone, my son Charlie soon started nagging me incessantly for one for himself.

"Mummy, your friend Fea? The one with the pretty crown? The one that does the knitting wiv needles? Can Fea make me a scarf for my neck too? Please?"

So in the blink of a Tweet, Fea Thea was quickly commissioned, and within a day she had listed a whole range of gorgeous blue and boyish scarfs for Charlie to choose from, on her Sew Thea Made It shop.

Charlie chose, grinning from ear to ear and it arrived yesterday.

He loves it. I love it.

I love that Thea made it so fast, for him.

And so to model another one of Thea's creations, I give you Charlie.

(Thea tells me she is making hats too, as well as planning aprons for summer stock..........I cannot wait!)


  1. Nothing makes me happier than that, I tell you, nothing!
    It's like it was made for him, oh wait, it was!
    Perfect, he's divine.

  2. He is to die for. What a gorgeous little boy. And a beautiful scarf by Thea. I have a couple myself. xx

  3. Really gorgeous. Love that blue. :) x

  4. that's so cute I love it!

  5. That is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Well done Fea!!

  6. Love the scraf and those dimples!! i can't stop looking at them xx

  7. He is such a cutie. And that scarf is so great, warm, cute and totally boy'ish.

    Great work Thea!

  8. He and the scarf are scrumptious! I want to touch those dimples!

  9. what a handsome young man!!!

  10. Awww so cute that he wanted a scarf for himself. He is absolutely adorable!

  11. DIMPLES!!!
    That kid is a-dor-able.

  12. I love those cheeks! The scarf sets them off perfectly.


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