Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What goes around, comes around......

When I was hovering around 100kg, and probably suffering from postal natal anxiety, I had dreams of getting a little healthier by getting fitter by going for long walks with my new baby. (My  eldest, the beautiful Olivia. Who is now six.)

So much so, that lovely husband and I purchased a sporty little number in the stroller line - the Pedigree Fitnesswise Easylite jogger stroller thingo - made in New Zealand, it was all graphite and trend at the time.

I quickly (obviously) realised that sleep deprivation coupled with "I have no fecking idea what I am doing in relation to this new baby" meant that a new mother's priority is not actually fitness. Her priority simply becomes staying sane.

So the stroller became just a ridiculously expensive pushchair.

We then went onto quickly have Charlie, and then Lexie. Olivia was not yet walking when Charlie was born, so we progressed up from the jogger stroller thingo to the tandem limo -

Designed totally to just lock toddlers down, this one was built for shopping centre surfaces only - instead of all terrain, it was more like no terrain. But, it did the job. I hated it with a passion, and it was cumbersome and unwieldy, but it kept them safe, and meant that I could at least get out and about with two small littlies.

And Lexie came along so quickly that I actually needed it for much longer than I ever anticipated.

For about a year, I was the "lucky" Mummy who was using the above twin stroller for Olivia and Charlie, AND had Lexie in the Baby Bjorn . (Three under three anyone?)

Gradually, of course, over the past 4 years,  my babies, they all got easier to manage. Olivia learned to walk, Charlie was never a runaway toddler, and Lexie was happy to be popped in a lightweight umbrella stroller -

I am openly horrified & embarrassed at the amount of strollers we have, and that they were all purchased with great intent, only to be now gathering dust in the garage.

So it was with delight that I retrieved the original and the best out of a dusty corner this morning and gave it's tyres a pump up. A quick wipe over to clear the cobwebs, and she is ready to go..........

Because this morning, once Olivia and Charlie are dropped off at school & kindy - well - me and Lexie are going to cover some kilometres. Yep, I am off on a little fitness jog with my youngest and the Fitnesswise Easylite jogger stroller thingo, using it for the purpose for which it was designed and purchased - to get a little exercise with my child in tow.......

Lexie is nearly four. But only weighs in at about 15kg, so is a total titch. She is not quite up to a 13.5km circuit just yet. But, when I suggested the stroller idea, she jumped at it, and helped me clean it up, and is very excited by the prospect of going running with crossed we all go the distance!

(And if anyone wants stoller recommendations - take your pick - I still have no idea.......)


  1. Good for you that you finally got to use your flash stroller.

    When I had MasterSix, we didn't have a car and lived in the inner city of Sydney, so we walked everywhere within a 10 km radius of our home. Now that we have two cars, live in the 'burbs and the boys have outgrown strollers, the walking has been reduced to only on the weekends for leisurely strolls.

  2. It doesn't matter how long it took Lucy, you are still using it ;). I sold my first pram when pregnant with Little Miss A and we lashed out and bought a Phil and Ted's with the toddler seat attachment. Ooober expensive but oober wonderful! I used it constantly as K was a runner. THen when A got a little bigger and had severe reflux she would live in the Baby Bjorn (until around 15 months I was still carrying her in it!) and also the pram. My once flash and new pram is now looking like a total car wreck! Tantruming toddlers have put their feet through the bottom basket so many times it has been repaired over and over (at the moment it is in need of repair again) the fabric on the sides are torn, and the whole lot is looking very faded and old. Some of the buttons which hold things in are gone and clips to hold children in gone too..the sunshade so dodgy that it often falls on childrens heads who sit in the front. Despite the dismal way it looks I still use it whenever we go out. And even K and Little Miss A still jump in it on occasions :) .

    Have fun using your jogger stroller :) let us know how you go :)

  3. I was laughing as I read this because I thought I was the only one who has owned a bazillion different strollers. We had the first ordinary one for my daughter, then we had an umbrella stroller for quick trips to the mall, then when my son came along, we got the double stroller (which I detested), and then my absolute favourite, the double (side-by-side) running buggy - I loved that thing; it could go anywhere! I took the kids hiking in the river valley with it, and just love, love, loved it. I passed it on to a mom who was fostering twin babies and walking her own older children to school, when my kids outgrew it!

  4. You and Lexie are way cool!!

  5. This comment section could be "confessions of a stroller addict". I, too, have many, many strollers. Standard three-wheeler babylove number for first baby. Followed by the side-by-side pram needed when both babies were under 18 monts -nicknamed 'the big rig'. Followed by a P&T newborn/toddler thingy for numbers 2 and 3. But all throughout we've had our trusty little red $99 stroller that has gone the distance and then some. Prams, a journey in the life, huh?!?

  6. Cool!! I only bought one pram .... the most beautiful pram in the world. Not at all designed for exercise, or ease, or portability ... but because it looked so beautiful!! The Emalunga (spelling?) with bassinet and hood and enormous wheels like an old English pram. Sigh. Terribly inconvenient but gee it looked pretty ... Oh, and both my kids ended up using it as their bassinet which was great because I could push them to sleep.

  7. You go girl, that is awesome!! Isn't it great how our plans can come full circle like that! Keep up the great work :)


  8. What a great idea. Back when my kids were little the prams were just prams, the range available now is massive and I love that you have a choice.

  9. Oh lordie it's hard work moving small children around isn't it!? I have the same number of prams as you and similar types of ones also. We will soon have 3 kids under 4! BAH! I like that we have 3 people movers. It is so easy to have lots because they all have different specs and do different things! xxx


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