Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sorry, no internet today......

We had a power cut yesterday.

No lights, no cooking, no iron, no TV, no music, no electricity. No hot water, no heating, blessed few clocks.

No computer, no internet. (No blogging, no Twitter, no email.)

The kids were stunned. So was I.

As a result, we all got into our big bed and read books together by candlelight. And cuddled, and chatted and tickled, and read some more.

We were warm, they were amused, & it was bliss.

As a result, today is an internet free day for me today.

I have chores to do that didn't get done yesterday.

But more than that, I want to spend more lovely time with my children today. Just being with them. They are adorable. Bye.


  1. enjoy yourself. sounds like a great use of down time yesterday. wish i was offline for day. hmmm, something to plan for...

  2. sometimes its nice just to have family time and cuddle up :-) I do this at least once a month turn off all t.v ,computer ,radio so yes it's really peacefull enjoy xxx

  3. cool! Good choice. I actually turned my computer off yesterday and packed it away! I felt naked. I was lost. It was kid-free day as well so I really was alone. And then I turned to TV and that's when the 90210-athon continued. Not quite a black-out, but kind of a grey-out I guess ...
    Enjoy your internet-free day!

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  5. Sounds like a truly lovely way to spend a day! When the power goes out here I'm kinda disappointed that John knows enough to realize that my laptop will, in all likelihood, have a full battery charge and we'll still be able to watch a movie. And if the battery gets low we'll be able to pull out one of our cell phones and watch something. One of these days I may just lie to him & tell him nothing is charged so we can do the downtime ;)

  6. Sounds like you made a negative into a huge positive there! I'm continually on at my son that there's more to life than t'internet! ... I don't think they can quite believe it....


    Gail xx

  7. I'm beginning to think we could all benefit from more of those kinds of days. xx

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  9. Think we should all declare an internet free day - or even 2 every week. I know that I am doing less blogging and reading blogs which is allowing me more time to do other things. I still catch up on reading the blogs, I just do it all at once rather than every day for every blog. But I do miss you when you are not around Lucy. xxx

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