Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Interview with a FIVE year old!

Some months back, I did an interview with Charlie, my son, aged four. (It was pretty funny, and very cute.)

A couple of things of have happened since I did that last interview.

Firstly, I have a new phone that has a voice recorder on it. Which Charlie LOVES to play with. Loves the sound of his own voice much? Yep.

Plus, my four year old is now, as of today, a big five year old. It's his birthday.

So I give you "An Interview with a Five Year Old"

Me - Hey Charlie, how old are you?
Charlie - I am FIVE today. I am still not catching up to 'Livia.

Me -  And what day is it today?
Charlie - Muuum, (in exasperation) it's my BIRFDAY. (Pause.) Did you not know that Mum? (Worried.)

Me -  Yes darling, I did know that. Don't worry. So, tell me, what happens on your birthday?

Charlie - I go to kindy, and I am taking cakes. And I will eat five cakes 'cos I am five.

Me -  Right. And what else happens on your birthday?

Charlie -  Everyone sings "Happy Birfday" to me all the time and I get loads of parcels from The Office. (I think he means the Post Office. And he'd be right. I have been carded every day for a fortnight to nip in and pick up packages for Charlie!)

Me - And what happens later on today Charlie?
Charlie - After kindy I have to play with Lexie but I don't want to 'cos she is 'noying, but I have to, and then I have to wait for Daddy to get home and I get to have my best dinner, and that is pizza wiv pineapple.

Me - Charlie, did you open some birthday presents this morning?
Charlie - Mum, (exasperated again),  you know I did. You were there when I opened my presents.

Me - Oh, OK. Remind me Charlie, what did you get?
Charlie - (Jumping up and down with excitement.) I got a Leapster and a SpongeBob game. Mum, can I please play with my Leapster again now? PLEEEEASE Mum?

Me - No, we have to get to kindy.
Charlie - Mum, you are a meanie. It is MY BIRFDAY. (Fake cranky.)

Me - Later, I promise.
Charlie - Mum. Please make sure Lexie doesn't play wiv my Leapster when I am not here? Please?

Me - OK mate, I promise.
Charlie - Mum, you can play wiv my Leapster if you like. I'll let you.

Me - Thanks sweets. Charlie, can I tell you something?
Charlie - I know what you are gonna say Mum. You are gonna say "I love you".

And then he reached across and gave me a big smacking kiss.

Me - (Heart melting) Oh Charlie, how did you get so charming?
Charlie - (running off) 'cos I is handsome Mum, 'cos I am five.

Happy Birthday mate. Today, as all days, you rock my world.


  1. CUTEST INTERVIEW EVER. Happy birthday, Charlie, you adorable kid! x

  2. Naaawww that was gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday Charlie!

  3. What a cute interview, No one better mess with that kid's leapster!

  4. Oh gosh he is so Awesomely cute! Love the interview, you're raising a beautiful boy Lucy. A huge Happy Birthday to you Master Charlie, I hope you have an awesome and fun day. xo

  5. So cute!!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!

  6. Happy Birthday Sir Charlie. And Lucy I hope you have an awesome day with your smart and funny little man.

  7. 'Cos he is handsome and he is five... and he is adorable!

  8. Oh bless - happy birthday to your handsome boy x

  9. Oh, I'm a little choked up after reading that!
    What a beautiful beautiful boy!!
    Happy birfday Charlie xx

    PS It's my nephew's birthday today, too. He's double Charlie x

  10. That is adorable! Love it!

  11. LOl. So cute. Almost makes me want a kid...ALMOST. He's going to be a charmer. Watch out.

  12. Oh I wanted to give him a kiss for that. So cute. Treasure these beautiful memories. xx

  13. So cute. You're going to love having this as a record in a few years time. I need to do this (makes note).

  14. Adorable! Five year olds are, like, geniuses or something. Stopping by from FYoB only to discover it's one of my fave blogs! :)

  15. So cute! Happy Birthday Charlie. Kids just make make life so much better when looking through their eyes at the world.

  16. Happy Birthday Charlie!

  17. Yay!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!


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