Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I am glad, I am sad.

Oh Lexie.

Lexie Fairy Cakes Blossum Possum Sweet Chops Mulvany.

I miss you, my swirly girly.

I hope you are having a lovely time at kindy.

You have been waiting so long for it to be YOUR turn at kindy.

They have watched you, those lovely teachers, come in with your siblings, every day now for three years. As a tiny baby, as a toddler, you became familiar, and now it is finally your turn.

And this morning when I dropped you off, of course you knew exactly where to put your bag. You knew where the toilets were. You know all the teachers by name. You are totally and utterly at home.

You sat down straight away at the craft table and didn't even look back at me.

When I bent down for a quick kiss, you told me "Mumma, you need to GO now. Leave me here by myself please."


OK then.

And so it has started.

As quickly as these babies came rushing into my world, dare I say, crowding my world, with chaos, they are now moving out of it. To do their own thing.

Olivia is at school and so is Charlie soon. Lexie is now at kindy. All three of them, away from me.

There is no need for me, anymore, to breastfeed or swaddle anyone. No need to help them eat, or walk, or dress.  All three totally toilet trained. The safety gates and childproof locks are gone. Self sufficient.

No rush to watch Playschool at 9.30am.

No constant demands upon me & my time.

I am glad, I am sad. I am glad. Sad, glad, sad.

I do not know much this morning, aside from I miss them.

But today, I especially miss my little Lexie.

I can't wait till 3 o'clock to pick my cheeky little tacker up...........


  1. Aww, that almost made me cry! Big girl on her first day of school, bless her...

  2. Aww Lucy, this gave me shivers. You are a brave woman as I think when the time comes for Ash to leave me for school I will be a blubbering mess. This is a beautiful post..I hope you enjoy your 'me' time :)

  3. John's first day of preschool made me a blubbering mess even though he would be gone for less than 3 hours.

    He starts full-day preschool in about a month and I'm already expecting it to be the same.

    I know all the teachers. I know exactly where he'll be every second ... and it won't be with me. And that sucks. BUT I'll get more sleep. That's an upside, right?

  4. Oh this made me get all teary. Made me think of how quickly my little one is growing up and how if I don't have another baby I'll never know those things you described again.


  5. After your comment on my post the other day, I've been thinking about this, Lucy. I get so frustrated sometimes that I only have small snippets of time, because of having a toddler with me all the time... but I don't want to wish that away. This independence happens soon enough.


  6. Im dreading dreading :)
    cant lie...


  7. Oh what a gorgeous wee girl! I cried both times my wee ones started kindie. I cried again when they moved up to "real" school. I hope it gets better for you. Soon you'll be enjoying the quiet

  8. Oh man... I can't even blame hormones... THE TEARS! I so know how you feel. And next year my baby starts school. I am so not ready for that.

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I hope you got lots of cuddles with your lexie this afternoon xxx

  9. You know I totally relate to this!!!
    And stop making me don't.
    I love your posts about your Beautiful, Gorgeous, Fairy Cakes, Blossum Possum, Sweet Chops kids!! xxx

  10. Oh Lucy. How much did you cry? It's kind of bittersweet, huh? I feel ya ... What was pick up like that arvo? The beauty of your kids going to school is that time spent with them becomes all about the quality rather than the quantity.

  11. Thank you to everyone who has left me lvoely comments on this one, and indeed emailed me and messaged me on Facebook.

    Pick up was hilarious. She stood in the middle of the classroom with hands on hips and said "Mumma, please, I just want a longer turn. Come back later" Hahhahahhhaa!

    But she loved it. She thrived.

    I was OK.

  12. So cute! That is so great that she was totally ready for school! What an adorable photo!

  13. I could have written this's so bittersweet isn't it. You are so excited for them, so proud, but you miss them like crazy. And they act so grown up!!!!!!! I bet she is having a fabulous time...but I know what you mean about nappies and no playschool..boohoo lol

  14. My little girl will be starting pre-school in a while, and I don't know whether I'm already ready to see her go and get exposed to other people. How time flies. Now I miss her so much, because this tummy tuck thing is taking her a few weeks away from me. I just want to cuddle and kiss her all day long =(

  15. Awww, I shouldn't have read this post this morning. *wiping tears away* Annabelle only goes one day a week and just thought of it is making me miss her (but she's asleep in her bed right now!)

  16. Oh, Tina, I know. Lexie just did one day last term and next term moves to 3 full days. I am not going to know myself. Gulp.

  17. That means you did it right if they are so comfortable there! Just know, you are the first one they will think of when they need anything or anyone!

  18. Oh Lucy, its always a case of careful what we wish for isnt it? I can feel your anguish, but its also peppered with pride. Your baby girl sounds so well adjusted, I bet she has just flourished xx

  19. Waaaah! I am dreading the day my baby goes to big school. And yet I have been dreaming of it too.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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