Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday Flowers

We are in the depths of winter here where I live.

The mist is thick every morning and still thick in the afternoon.

But, despite that (or because of it?) our Camellia hedge is abundant, as are our Arum lilies. We have Azaleas out as well.

So, despite being cold and very damp and misty, some parts of our garden are a riot of colour and beauty.

So today I give you home grown gorgeousness. Lexie and I plucked Camellias this morning, and they now adorn the kitchen bench.

And they make me realise how very lucky I am to have these in my own garden. And how very lucky I am to have a lovely (green fingered) husband to tend to them.

And also, as it is Friday today, I am going to pimp for Flog Yo Blog.....because there is a new Flog Yo Blog Madam!



  1. I love your Flowers for Friday posts, they're so cheery!

  2. :) Just like a greeting card - so much better though.

  3. They are sooo beautiful!
    That reminds me of my Nan's garden, she grew white ones. xx

  4. I gave you an award because I have been enjoying your blog.

    Check it out:


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