Friday, 16 July 2010

Flowers for Friday

Power cuts are all dealt with.

House is clean, and I am totally up to date with all chores. Ironing done, Tupperware cupboard sorted out. Kids wardrobes & toy shelving all re-organised.

School holidays are coming to an end, and I feel very happy.

AND I have a gorgeous fancy bunch of flowers on my kitchen pink gerberas and hot pink roses........



  1. You are so good with your Friday flowers! Lovely.

  2. Well done for being so organised :-) I need a step ladder to get to the top of my ironing pile!

  3. You do a lovely arrangement, Lucy... I love our Friday flowers. BTW, you promised me HOMEMADE JUNK FOOD on FYBF...??? You know I'm there!

  4. Wow - you can truly look forward to the weekend now...You sound so organised that you deserve 2 days of kicking back!

    Thank you for the beautiful flowers..

  5. I'm jealous of how organised you are AND of the flowers :)

  6. I got caught up with some cleaning and organizing today too - doesn't it feel great? Your Friday flowers are beautiful - I like the bright pink colour!

  7. Lovely flowers :) well done on being so organized for the weekend :)


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