Monday, 26 July 2010

Fark, I ache all over........

"Fark, I ache all over........" is a catch cry in this house.

Me and lovely husband compete over who aches most.

But it is a GOOD ache.

It is all to do with DOMS

Delayed onset muscle soreness.

That achy, sore feeling you get the day after a strenuous workout. The cause of DOMS is actually unknown, but scientists think that they are caused by a breakdown of muscle fibers; & this is particularly true when doing weight-training exercises. Other research claims that the soreness comes not from the damage process but from the rebuilding process. Ouch. But I like it. That ache tells me I am doing good.......

Last week, last Monday morning at 6am, I did intervals of 400m sprints on the treadmill, backed up by sets of 40 squats. Ten times. (That is 400 squats. Mad.)

By Tuesday lunchtime, legs ached like nothing on earth. I could barely bend over.

By Sunday lunchtime, and several kilometers of walks later, I am fine again. The DOMS have buggered off.

Good job too, because at 6am this Monday morning, I tortured my top half and my arms.....400m sprints on the treadmill, backed up by sets of 20 tricep dips and 20 bicep curls.

So tomorrow morning, the DOMS will set in again, in my arms this time,  and ache for a week.....

And next Monday, it will probably be sprints backed up by sit my core and my pelvic floor and my abs (all the middle bits) will ache from the DOMS.

Think of the firm arse Lucy, think of the lovely lady arms. Think of the lady garden.........

So, yep, I ache all over. But it is a good ache, and I love it.


  1. God I laughed when i read this and remembered my first session with the Kettle Bells .... the next day I had to hold onto the walls of the toilet to ease myself down onto the seat and then could barely wipe my arse! God I ached! Nothing like getting ambitions mixed up with capabilities ...... but we must soldier on! Good on you girl!

  2. Me too! And I am so effing proud of myself. Even if I can't walk up the stairs without shouting about and sounding like an old person. It is great. Good for you. Good for us!

  3. Thank you girls, glad it is not just me. (ANd this morning I can barely bloody type, seriously, my shoulers are KILLING me.)

    "ambitions mixed up with capabilities"

    THAT says it all!

  4. I LOVE feeling the "burn".

  5. I'm sad to say it's been a loooong time since I felt that kind of burn. The closest I've come to it is after doing froggy jumps across the dining room after discovering that it makes Charlotte giggle :)

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