Sunday, 27 June 2010

To iron or not to iron.........

My ironing habits have borne the brunt of a lot of some criticism. People tell me not to bother. I hear you, I really do. But I can't not iron. I love the way everything looks all ironed and smooth. I love the way it smells, all hot and clean.
But, for me, if in doubt, iron.

That is so so tragic, I know, I know.

I can hear the comments all over the place: "But Lucy, why iron?"

"What is this iron you speak of?"

"Who irons?!"

"Ironing is bad for your mental health!"

Me. I do. Iron. I iron, and I am proud.

Every single week, I attack two big full baskets of this families clothes with the iron. Nearly 100 items a week get ironing.

Most weeks I hate the idea of the chore that looms, but I still do it. Every week. And it gives me a lot of satisfaction.
I just can't not iron.

What can I say? I like the clothes, on all of us, to look and feel nice when we put them on. I like the way all the pressed and folded and hanging clothes look in our wardrobes. I love the way it makes getting dressed so much quicker and easier.

If I am up to date with the ironing, I feel in control. (Does that make me sound like a nutter? Probably.)

Did you know that in some areas, women all gather in a lounge room with all their irons and all their ironing boards and all stand round in a circle and iron and iron and iron and gossip together? Flat out, ironing all day. Whilst other folk drop their baskets of ironing off to them? How cool.

Here's some ironing tips. Laugh if you want.

•Do your ironing in the bedroom. You'll be able to use the bed to sort your laundry, and you'll have hangers close at hand in the closet. Especially good if you have a TV in your bedroom......

•Cut your ironing time by putting a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The foil will reflect heat so you're actually ironing from both sides at once.

•Progress from articles or garments needing the lowest temperature to those requiring the highest.

•To prevent collars, cuffs, and hems from puckering, iron them on the wrong side first.

•Iron thick fabrics (like jeans and King Gee's!) on the inside first, then on the outside.

•When pressing badly wrinkled corduroy, hold the iron just above the garment and steam the fabric thoroughly.

•If you don't have a sleeve board, insert a rolled-up towel in sleeves so they can be pressed without leaving creases.

­•Quick spray starch can be made at home by slowly adding 1 tablespoon cornflour to 2 cups water. Stir until the starch is dissolved, and pour the blend into a clean spray bottle. Spray fabrics lightly when ironing.

Maybe it is my form of OCD?

But I feel better for having ironed. Simple.


  1. Wow! I am impressed! I've never been able to do sleeves, I am going to try the rolled towel tip! My mother-in-law gave us one of those steamer machines to use instead of ironing, I just love it!

  2. Kelly, I want me one of those steamer things...I see them on TV and aspire......

  3. I HATE ironing, I iron next to nothing. Lucy I'm sending my ironing over to you - just kidding. I am sitting here bewildered and feeling that I really have been a bad influence of my children - none of them like ironing either. I blame my mother - see hates ironing too. You are my ironing goddess.

  4. aluminum foil? Get out.

    I used to love ironing until 3 squillion little peoples clothing landed in my basket. I no longer love ironing and I no longer iron. I can see all that changing again in about 18 years (fingers crossed :))

    What are your must be ironed pieces Lucy? (I met someone that ironed towels wouldn't...would you...??

  5. Oh I don't iron. I remember doing it while I lived at home... it was something my mother did and taught me to do. But now, I don't. I consider it successful to get all of the laundry cleaned and put away! :)

  6. Yes. I like this!Today- laundry. Tomorrow -ironing. Oh, and buying an iron.
    Go girl!
    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. Ms Dovic.....Nah, not towels. Nor undies or socks. But I do iron tea-towels and linens......

  8. one of the few pieces of advice my mom ever gave me was that if it requires ironing, don't buy it.

    I feel I honor her by buying stuff that doesn't wrinkle.

  9. LOL! I was told never to buy anything that requires ironing either! I see what you are getting at though as it is your way of knowing that things are all right if the ironing is done. I feel tha way about my kitchen. Everything is fine if my kitchen is clean and there are no dishes int he sink. As much as I hate doing it, I love the feeling after I do it. :)

  10. Noooooo!! Ironing is a blight on this planet. Honestly, the Man's work told him he had to start ironing his shirts- I had to go out and buy an iron to do it, we didn't own one. So that's the only thing that's get ironed- work shirts.

  11. Please leave your husband and marry me. I HATE ironing x

  12. Oh! Lucy! You make me want to IRON!! Who'd have thought?! :) Shame I have an iron and no ironing board.

  13. Lucy, you know I'm an ironing lady too ;) I'm the same, I hate the idea of the chore but love the satisfaction of having it all done.

    And as I think we've discussed before, I'd love to have an ironing party with you :D

  14. Oh yes!! It's the smell of the ironing that turns me on!!! Love it, love it. I iron in the bedroom and hang them up as I go. No, I don't do towels, socks, undies etc either, but teatowels do get a quick swipe over. They just sit in the cupboard better!
    Better still, if I don't iron, my husband will happily do it.
    Kakka - don't feel bad that your kids didn't learn to iron from you. My daughters have always seen us ironing, but they don't iron anything at all (although they will find ways to get me to iron their stuff if they're staying here...)
    Lucy - I think the ironing is therapeutic and a great thing for you to be doing right now.

  15. Deb, that smell. Oh my. I love that scalding hot cotton smell better than cut grass.

  16. Sarah, my sweet, and ironing party with you would be bliss. Did you ever get a handsfree so you can chat on the 'phone whilst ironing? I need to look into that.

    And @Ed, honey, yes, jeans for sure get ironed! About 10 pairs a week creases though.......xx

  17. I used to iron all the time sans kids...actually I did it when K was little too. And then he became obsessed with the cord and pulling the cord out of the wall or on it while I ironed and so then I gave up. I can understand exactly what you mean through this post though, the smell of the ironing the way the clothes sit nicely. My iron only gets a workout these days if I am sewing :p . I would start ironing again but am fearful that hubby would expect it to continue! lol

  18. Hi
    I also iron. I just like my work clothes to be fresh and crisp. even though I hang the clothes up as I get them out of the dryer, they have to be ironed. I iron my clothes for the week and have them all hanging up and it saves me time and makes me feel VERY accomplished. lol
    sometimes i iron while i watch tv or listen to music and I find that I think about alot of things while I'm doing it.

  19. I say if ironing works for you, than more power to you! Enjoy the fruits of your labor! :)

  20. I am not a good ironer...perhaps I will try your tricks of the trade and see if I dread it less.

  21. I iron, well I should say my husband irons. When we first got married I ironed his dress pants and got the crease off, and he didn't like it. So now he irons. Fine with me! He irons in the bedroom just like you said, the hangers are close and he can sort on the bed. I love that HE irons!

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  25. Seana SmithApril 16, 2011

    I love this post Lucy! Even though I am not an iron, I enjoy hearing of your enthusiasm, and yes, we must all do WHAT WORKS. And indeed I do love the feel of ironed clothes too... oh where is my cleaning lady from Glasgow long ago!!???? Good tips too!


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