Monday, 14 June 2010

Shopping List

Can you believe it??

Thirty Million Dollars

Oz Lotto, Tuesday

I am the winner........obviously

So my to do list / shopping list is:

Pay off this, for us, and all our families:

Renovate both the kitchen:

and bathrooms:

Indulge in one of these:

And get a new one of these:

And buy this holiday shack. (Not just any old holiday shack: this one specifically. It is in a magical and isolated spot right on the beach. I have coveted it for years. It is mine........)

That's all. What would YOU like? ( I just won $30 Million. Tell me. I'm buying...............)


  1. I'll take one of everything you just mentioned. :)

  2. Love dreaming like this....thanks .....I'm winning the British Lottery on Friday, lets do lunch.... in a spa...sigh

  3. What is that thingie on the bench?

    I'll just take enough to pay the rego's on both mine and the Man's car Lucy, I'm not greedy ;)

  4. First mortgage...liposuction....renovate also, cars, vacation house on beach for sure, and lots of shoes!

  5. Holiday on The Caribbean!

  6. frick :)
    Im going to be one of those commenters :) and say Id fund every and all orphanages in Guatemala that I could.


  7. Well congrats Lucy!!!
    Can I have.....whatever dosh it takes for my parents to retire near me and get lots of enjoyment out of their grandkids whilst they are young?!! Thanks very muchly :)
    By the way, I love your new kitchen!

  8. Carla, I'm with you. Lovely husband and I just had dinner together and fantasised about funding each and evey Romanian orphange that we could.

    And Christie: the aprents retirement thing: that came up too. (One of the reasons for wanting THAT holiday house is for them to be able to return to it whenever they want, but to be living safely near us between times.......)

    Lori, that thingo on the bench....Thernomix. I want.

  9. The young kids say, "if you can dream it, you can do it" not sure if you have to be born after 1988 for it to apply or not. Anyway, congratulations on your future win. I'll have a cherry red kitchen aide mixers avec attachments please :) You're so kind!!

    You should get yourself one while you're at it too it would look good in the kitchen but maybe you should go for white to blend in or yellow for a splash of colour.

  10. OMG! Ok, after all that I'm changing my order. I want a couch. Mine is from the 70's, tattered and broken [it makes scary, life threatening noises], plus its only a small 2 seater, and I can't have a nap on a 2 seater comfortably, and certainly won't be able to as my belly grows. Please can I change it?? I would like red modular/corner couch with red stripy otterman. Thanks. But you should still get yourself a kitchen aide seeing as you are the multi millionaire after all.

  11. Oooo...You can buy me a baby! infertility and adoption are just so dang expensive. Also, I would let you pay for my breast reduction.

    Thanks! You're the best!


  12. what fun!
    i'd have a place on the beach, for sure. and a place for me and my friends in the city. you're invited too! and i'd have a porsche converted to run on vegetable oil. maybe a cobra mustang. yeah, fun!

  13. Financial freedom. That would be a beautiful thing. I probably wouldn't change much. Who am I kidding?! Of course I bloody would! Just being without a bank loan would be awesome ...

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  15. Ciao! That's me waving goodbye as I move the family to Italy for a year of la dolce vita. Ciao! That's the Italian nanny welcoming us into our new villa. Ciao! That's us saying hello to the kids as we arrive back from our weekend in the south of France. Ciao!

  16. Pay off my debt? That'd be awesome :)

  17. Ooooh, you are such a sweetie and sooo generous! A house on the beach in hawaii please. Just a small one. Even a tent, really. And one way airfare.


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