Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New exercise schedule!

Lovely husband is a fit and active person.

He has no food issues. He eats what he wants, whenever he wants. He is the same weight now as he was when he was 18. According to the WiiFit, he has a perfect BMI and perfect balance.

(Lucky bastard, that's all I can say...)

BUT..........he is getting on a bit. He is forty. Old. (Although he is not as old as me. As he will frequently point out!)

And he is still as passionate about cricket now as he was in his teens. (Just not as youthful as agile.)

He plays for our local cricket club, in the A Grade.

He is a batsman and he also keeps wicket. And whilst I don't think Adam Gilchrist ever lost any sleep over the competition, Andrew is, all bias aside, a handy club cricketer.

I suspect, however, that at his age, his is becoming aware that he does not want to become the "fat old git that we keep on the side out of pity".

So, Andrew has taken up with my personal trainer, and whilst he tells me he doesn't exactly enjoy her sessions, he enjoys the results she gets out of him. (I can relate. Entirely.) He wants to really get fit, so that he can play better cricket.

ANYWAY, all this has lead to scheduling tugs of war!

Normally, it is ME that gets pick of all the sessions I want. It is ME that leaves the house unencumbered to run or walk or go to group personal training, whilst Andrew looks after the kids........

But now we are negotiating over time slots!

(And whilst this takes a little getting used to, I am secretly thrilled. I love him. I want him fit, for longevity's sake. He and I smoked for too long and have taken our robust good health for granted for too long. I am chuffed to bits that he has chosen to get really fit.)

So.........my regime for next term looks like this:

Monday 6am - Group Personal Training (Cardio and strength)
Tuesday lunchtime - At home work out 
Weds 7.30pm - Long slow distance run (half marathon training)
Thursday 6am - iPod intervals
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 40 min swim
Sunday - 9km walk

All this fitness bizzo.......it's become a family affair, I tell you.........


  1. Wow! That is a super schedule! A 9 KM walk - that's far! My goal for this week is to do a 6 KM walk (My limit so far has been 5 KM). My husband's name is Andrew too!

  2. Ohh, that is so sweet! Wish my Derek would come on my exercise capers. He does his own thing. I would love a spirit buddy ... Will have to forego the human Labrador for my actual canine version.

  3. tug of war over a mutually shared goal of fitness. there's a divine plan in here somewhere:)

  4. My DP is the same as your husband. Perfect BMI, LOVES his cricket and plays A grade, reps and even Winter cricket oh and soccer on the same day as cricket in Winter and has so many fitness goals and eats whatever he wants and massive amounts of it too! Your schedule looks fantastic!

  5. Cricket? That's like speaking a foreign language to me...

    Softball all the way!!

  6. I want your husband's genes. (And most likely his jeans too.)

  7. Lucy I am sweating just reading this.

  8. That's way cool that hubby exercises with you. The couple that sweats together stays together...untill they smell each other. haha!

  9. I'd love my husband (also Andrew) to be interested in losing his beer gut. I whinge that I need to lose more weight, and he keeps offering to get the cleaning lady at his work to whip me into shape. She used to be a PT. He doesn't want in on the (PT) action tho.

  10. Scone.....it has taken my Andrew nearly three years to show any interest in organised fitness (aside from cricket.) Your Andrew will get there.....in their own time, and all that....


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