Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Justin Langer and a huge Thank You

Whilst kicking up my heels, last week, at my very own pity party, I failed to note that I had hit 250 followers.

And in Aussie and Diminishing tradition, I would like to mark this milestone in my usual sporting fashion.........

(For all my non-Aussie followers, sorry. I know you all glaze over and switch off and bounce away as soon as I mention cricket. But I love it..........)

Humble Aussie cricketer who was the silent achiever?

The steely nuggetty little left handed batsman who had a reputation for grinding away in order to open up for Australia? Some said a plodder, but did those same critics realise he holds a better strike rate than notably "sexier" batsman such as Mark Waugh and  Damien Martyn?

In partnerships he was solid and motivating and unstoppable: so a more gracious and determined and more collaborative batsman you will struggle to find.

His top score of 250 runs against England at the MCG (in the 2002-03 Ashes series) was a record breaker.

He retired in 2007, and I still miss him. I give you Justin Langer.

And I also need to say a very heartfelt thank you.

Last week I felt like shite, and I very nearly didn't blog. But I have made a commitment to blog daily, so that meant blogging about feeling like crap.

The comments and emails and Tweets and Facebook messages of love and support that have I received are just amazing. I am truly touched. So thank you. To everyone who reached out, thank you.

I am gradually getting out of my fog. More on that soon.

In between times:


  1. Congrats on 250 Lucy! Doesn't that prove just how awesome you are??!
    So glad the fog is lifting xx

  2. Oh yay! That makes me happy :). Enjoy coming out of the fog xxx

  3. I share that "fog" feeling. Do you think it is semi-related to that cold we both had?

  4. Woohoo, 250 is awesome!!
    So glad to hear you're making your way out of the fog. xx

  5. 250 = CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Due no doubt to your a) consistently fabulous content and b) your generous and warm support of fellow bloggers.

    Also, had to say that I read your blog out to MY Andrew (because I am not much of a cricket fan but he, of course, is) and he thoroughly enjoyed your description of Langer.

  6. Please ship Patrick Rafter to me in the US -- he is my favorite nommy aussie. Nom. Nom.

  7. congratulations on your success! if i lived in your neck of the woods, i'd be addicted to watching cricket and not baseball, as i happily am:)

  8. I am also a "cricket tragic" though I doubt that I'm as committed as you are!

    Going back LOTS of years I used to love the contests between the Aussies and the West Indies! Viv Richards could have parked his cricket boots under my bed any old time!

    Not doing too well in the Old Dart at the moment but.... look out Poms, we will redeem ourselves!

    Best wishes - Gae oxoox

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  18. Mm, its fantastic-/

  19. Thank you!!! You often have interesting posts! They put me in good spirits )

  20. Good article. Thank you.

  21. Oh, Lucy! I just found this post and as a fellow cricket tragic, can only concur. I miss him! J x

  22. Jane, I cried when I re-read this post. PMT much?! And I have just watched my kids do Milo Cricket. Cricket tragics unite. xx

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I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx