Friday, 18 June 2010

20:20:20 Week 7

I'll be totally frank, and tell you that I have had a shite week.

House guests and my diet do not make good companions.

My parents in law have been staying.

This has lead to:

  • Day trips out = lack of planned meals
  • Having food in the house for their tastes not mine
  • Cooking for their needs, not mine
  • They have been kind enough to babysit for us, so lovely husband and I have had the opportunity to go out for dinner, which was indulgent.
  • I have been driven for the need to "reward" myself for being daughter in law of the year by eating crap
  • I have not been able to exercise to my usual levels
So I am not even blaming them. It just shows me that when I am feeling in control, I am find it easy to stick to my plan.

When I have guests, I feel like I do not have control and I cheat and slacken off.

So....................I kind of feel like like I have run the gauntlet.

But, 'tis done now, they have gone, I have to go and do a search and find for some renewed commitment.........

I was reticent to weigh in. But I did.

At this stage I have stayed the same:

I say 'at this stage' for I fear that I may pay next week too for this weeks eating.

We shall see..........


  1. You stayed the same! After that week I'd say that is cause for celebration!!

  2. It's hard to stay on track with guests! You stayed the same so that's good. Even if you do have a slight gain next week, just get right back on track and it will come off! :)

  3. That sounds very challenging!
    Also like lots of fun too.
    I know you'll pull through!

  4. This week has been so hard for so many. I think there's something funky going on with the stars or something since it appears to be a planet-wide blah!

  5. I have not been able to exercise to my usual levels

    Not enough exercise? When I realise I've not moved enough through the day I do pushups, squats and other things in the bathroom before I jump into the shower! :-)

    The Original SuperParent

  6. I had a weekend out of town so I feel like we are in the same boat. It's so disheartening to have your momentum stopped. It's so hard to get it moving again. We can do it. I too stayed about the same:)


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