Saturday, 22 May 2010

Who am I......?

I know that I am preaching to the converted here.

I know that it is a luxury most of us go without.

I know we all want a lot more of it.

I know it us unattainable for some.

I know we all need more of it.

I know it is tempting to go without sometimes, when other more exciting stuff comes up.

I know we want lots and lots of it for our children, and for ourselves.

Our children are the ones that deprive us of it.

I want and need more of it.

I am on a mission to get more of it.

It helps you lose weight *

It costs nothing but your sanity.

Lack of it is torture.

Just get more of it.

* Reminder to self: Google this. I wanna find out why.


  1. Ugh!
    *scrapes bleary eyes open*

  2. Oh, yes!!
    Amen to that preacher woman. :)

  3. Yawwwn ...

    Lucy, I am hearin' ya.

    I am sleep deficit too ...

  4. I am going shut-eye now... :D

  5. Don't we all need more of this. Hope you got some last night.

  6. Um - sleep I mean - just in case you read that wrong - (she says with a wry smile).

  7. Hi Miss Lucy - your blog is looking wonderful I must say. Yes I too dream of sleep and crave it's benefits. :O)

  8. Kakka, wry grin here. I did. Not so much sleep.Blush.

  9. I love this, though I can't complain I do get enough of it - no kids yet! And hey Luce, look how many followers you have now! I think I joined in when you were around 50!

  10. Ahhhhhh...sleep! I am hoping to catch up on some this long-weekend!

  11. I love to get as much as I can.

    Sometimes I feel I would do anything to get some.

    Glad to report I have been getting more recently.

    I am sure people can tell when they look at me.


  12. I love my sleep! Can we ever get enough of it?

  13. Amen.

    I think maybe the losing weight is with the body conserving energy (fat)if it's stressed? No sleep means you're body thinks you're anxious and on the alert, so it stores up fat just in case.

    Or, I could totally be making that up.

  14. Nah, Lori, you are right. Something to do with cortisols. I may post an idiots guide to sleep and weigh loss soon-ish.

  15. Ohhh yes, I'm totally in agreement of you here. I would like more, lots more. And yes you get that double meaning there :P Blmming kids nicking a third of the bed! *mutter, mutter*

  16. Every morning I swear I will go to bed early the next night. But I stay up and blog. Guess what time it is now...

  17. can never get enough. must fight for more sleep time. must bargain with myself to get out of bed, promise more later. love the soft art you used.

  18. Huh Ha. We all need it so bad so how come mamma's get none of it? Its a cruel joke of some description somewhere along the track.

    Thanks for coming past and saying hello :)

  19. So true! thankyou for the reminder, I need more sleep also :)


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