Thursday, 27 May 2010

The True "Before and After".....

I am an avid reader, unsurprisingly, of weight loss blogs, weight loss success stories and weight loss magazines and books.

Nothing sucks me in quicker than the "before and after" stories, especially the before and after photos.

They show me the promise of what is indeed possible.

Call me superficial (and I am, at times) but I love to see the snaps from the last decade of the fat bride looking gross and uncomfortable alongside the recent snap of the very same woman looking slimmer and so much happier.

For me, it is totally inspiring. A pictorial statement that someone has made a choice to get from fat to fit, to take control back.

I have very few photos of me of when I was at my largest weight. I avoided cameras. The truly awful ones just got deleted. And these days I generally forget to take as many progress snaps as I should.

So it is with a fairly scared deep breath that I jot down my before and after habits. These tell a far more illustrative tale than the photos ever could-


Two or three cigarettes

At least three coffees with full cream milk
4 slices of toast with butter
A morning full or regret over what I didn't manage to not eat the previous day.

Lumber after the kids all morning, dressed in ugly size 24 clothes. Sneak off for cigarettes.

Get cranky with the kids because they want me to operate at an energy level I just do not have.
Feel guilty.
Sneak off for cigarettes.

Grocery shop and buy a lot of healthy food, as well as a lot of junk food snacks. Suck my stomach in the whole time just in case someone thinks I am pregnant again. Feel so dreadfully self conscious.

Go to the library with the kids and feel very fat and uncomfortable in comparison to other Mums with their kids.

Make the kids a healthy lunch, and then sneak off to eat my lunch in peace. A couple of big fat sandwiches as well as a couple of bags of chippies, washed down with a lot of orange juice. And a couple more cigarettes.

Get cranky with the kids because I feel lethargic and tired. My joints ache and I feel bloated all the time.

Make the kids a healthy dinner and pick at what they are having. Make dinner for me and lovely husband. Big portions of carb and fat laden meals. Lots of healthy salads, also full of cheese and nuts.

Get the kids to bed. Fall asleep on Olivia's bed.

Wake up and have a couple of cigarettes, then cruise the kitchen for snacks.

Chill out with lovely husband, eat half a big block of chocolate. A couple more cigarettes

Surf the internet, feeling guilty at the amount of crap I have eaten. Wish I could find a solution.

Watch some TV and eat more chocolate, even though I feel a bit sick. Feel like crap. Have one last cigarette.

Crawl into bed. Joints aching. Snoring.

Wake up feeling shit.

Note: no exercise at all.


Alarm goes off at 5am and hop out of bed, have one coffee which I enjoy whilst I blog.

6am, off for a run/walk/resistence training/intervals

7am: Make brekky for me and the kids and grab a quick shower and slap some makeup on. My brekky is a protein shake and some fruit.

8am : Start the school run

9am - Grocery shop for fresh produce based on a menu plan: a menu plan that is supportive.

10am Take Lexie for a swim or a play in the park. Fruit for morning tea.

11am Quick chores around the house. Cup of herbal tea.

Make a healthy lunch for me and Lexie: usually tuna or lean meat in a Burgen roll. No butter. Some raw chopped veggies and a diet yogurt.

Whilst Lexie naps I blog and listen to some hypnotherapy and have another cup of herbal tea

3pm School run time again. Take water with me.

3.30 Afternoon tea is fruit

5.30 Dinner. I eat with the kids. We all eat the same thing. Lean meat or fish. Salad or steamed veg. Low GI carb such as Doongara rice or a baked potato.

6pm Homework time whilst I run round doing chores. I am happy.

6.30 Bathtime

7.00 Stories and bed. Cuddle them all, and realise how lucky I am

7.30 Chill with lovely husband.

9.00 Feel "peckish" so have a diet yogurt or some cut fruit or a chuppa chup.


Bed, with a candle and some more hypnotherapy.


(Note: no cigarettes at all.)

And so when people ask me how I stay motivated, I think of this. I think of how happy and guilt free I am now, in comparison to then.

I can never, will never, go back to how I was before. If I never lose another kilo, if I only maintain for the rest of my life, that is OK, I will just never go back to that sad addicted life I had before.


  1. Wow amazing life change and you look and sound amazing. A real inspiration to many. Thank you!

  2. Lucy, that IS inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic!! Wow. So inspirational. Congratulations on the fabulous before and after photos and the even better before and after diary. Oh and another big snaps for reaching 200 followers!!! Nice work all round Lucy ...

  4. PS Definitely my new fav blog read of the week ...

  5. congrats to you lady!! not only weightloss kudos, but no ciggies either!!

  6. I had some trouble finding a before pic of myself too! I posted this last week.
    Would love to have you link up to my Watch My Weight Wednesday blog hop!

  7. I think your before/after behavior speaks 10 times louder than the pictures. (Although the pictures are amazing.)

  8. Lucy it brought tears to my eyes to hear how you used to live and see, now, how far you have come. It is such a big journey, you should be proud. xx

  9. Oh wow - what a read. I still have lot of the habits that you had in your before. Time to break them.

  10. Lucy YOU are incredible. Thank you for reminding me how happy I am when I am taking steps towards being healthy. x

  11. What a great change you've made. Truly, I'm inspired. And quitting smoking? YAY! Not a lot of people can do both at the same time.

  12. Wow! Lucy, you are amazing! You truly are.XO

  13. What a great post. I never really thought of doing a before and after perspective but maybe I should. I love reading all the weight loss blogs too. I came to you from Jack Sh*t and I'm glad I found you!

  14. Wow, what a lifestyle change - so much healthier, happier and positive. Well done!!!

  15. Wow, incredible!! You should feel really good about what you've accomplished. A complete lifestyle (and mindset) change on many levels. Go you!

    And hey, you've got my button up! Thanks! xo

  16. You are the Weight Loss Queen and my hero! I just cannot imagine the "before" Lucy - you have it so together!

  17. WOW what an amazing change you have made in your life!

  18. Glued to the screen reading that one Lucy. I'm so happy you are on the other side of unhappy now.

    **Note to self: MUST quit smoking**

  19. Wow - WHAT an inspiration. And what a great example for your kids. Bet the kids and hubby love seeing mama happy! Thank you for sharing that!

  20. Oh you have done sooo well!

    I only hope I end up with half those results lol

    Mmmmmmwah and huge hugs from Over Here


  21. You are awesome, I knew that when you were in teh before phase, but I think it even moreso in the after.

    Love ya xx

  22. This is just unbelievably motivating to me, AND I love your "after" outfit! =)

  23. i've never had a weight problem, but it doesn't matter. the story you're telling here is one of transformation, my favorite sort of story. progression. you say it's a choice. yeah. re-directing our lives. great stuff. inspirational.

  24. Apart from having never smoked I can totally relate to the rest of your before. And the aches. And the lethargy. I am on my way to your after as well. So much more energy, so much less snappy, so much more time in the day. So much more FUN!

  25. Lucy, you have come such a long way. Congratulations - it must be so amazing to look at that list and see all the positive changes you've made. xx

  26. That's a huge difference! Great before and after photos, reminds me that I still need to take the 'before' photos. I hate taking pictures, especially at my current weigh, but I know I have to do it in order to see the difference. Maybe tomorrow. :)

  27. That is one amazing difference. Life and looks! :)

  28. Lucy, you are just amazing!

    I decided the other day that I am joining Weight Watchers this week and after reading your blog, I am pumped to get somewhere instead of dragging my heels!

    Thank you ;)

  29. Thanks for commenting on my blog and sharing this link! Quite inspiring!!!


  30. Well done! I'm working on getting healthier. It's happening, slowly.

  31. Hey you got the button to work - woo hoo! Way to get your post in at the starting gate Luce. :-P

    And great job on the weight loss. You're such an inspiration.

  32. I think it is a great idea to document the habits. I know that if I did that right now, it would be a real eye-opener. I don't eat lots all the time, but I don't exercise regularly, my portions are large when I do eat, I skip breakfast and I drink way too much coffee.

    Your post was inspiring! Way to go for losing the weight. You look amazing! Came over from AMB Blog Carnival. Am following you now too.

  33. Woohoo. Lucy's first in line!!!

    Congrats and

  34. Congrats - now that I've discoivered your blog will have to to read through and find out how you've done it!


  35. You are a fabulous inspiration, and I can only imagine how much better you feel

  36. love this post - I love reading before and after too! love the daily routine you have and how you shared what you eat - well done - all the effort has really paid off! Naomi

  37. Amazing, you know I love your blog, you are such an inspiration. xxx

  38. Awesome!
    I'm very proud of you! What an inspiration you are :)

  39. You are such an inspiration! Such an honest post, Lucy, I can imagine how wonderful you must be feeling. Congratulations!

  40. What an amazing transformation. I'm so proud of you!

  41. Amazing. And humbling. Reading this (your before too similar to my now) it is so clear where I need to make my changes.

    You should be so proud.

  42. you've come a long way... well done!

  43. That's amazing! I'm so glad you're in a happy routine now, it sounds lovely!

  44. Holly @ Good Golly Miss Holly!November 28, 2010

    I've read this post a long time back but reading it now and knowing you better than I did back then, I teared up reading this again.

    YOU are amazing, YOU are an inspiration!

  45. I cannot read it. (Actually, I can read the "after". But when I read the "before" I am just gobsmacked and horrified that that was me.)


  46. This post made me cry Lucy. You are such an amazing woman. I feel so blessed to call you my blogging friend. xx

  47. That is soooo the motivation I need to get my act back together again. I've packed on about 10 kgs over the apst couple of years and gone from quite fit and exercise orientated to not doing nearly enough. I have begun my 'back to me' journey and I'm starting to feel better already. It's scary to wake up and wonder what the heck happened. It's almost like an outer body experience, finding myself so much bigger and sluggish, almost over night. Agh! Thanks for the motivation I need to continue:)

  48. Perfect motivation. Your morning routine has reinspired me. How to fit the dog walk and the daily blog in...thankyou. Like Kim below, I am trying to get back to 'me' too. After a knee reconstruction, and a long commute for two years things went pear shaped...but it is slowly coming together.

    The other inspiration or incentive of the day, was the deflating offer from my soon to be sister in law, who used to be bigger than me, of her 'fat clothes' that don't fit her anymore. I'm sure it was well meaning..... having lost 11 kilos though, and still going (hopefully), after having gone up 20kg's and down 11kgs, to have someone reward you with their 'fat clothes' feels like a...well, lets just say not great.

    So, after reading this post, and getting that phone call....I'm going for a glass of water, and my own clothes sort out, and then I am taking the dogs to the park.

  49. Kim, I missed this comment before - how are you going?

  50. I am glad. I always think that if I can get the morning started well, the rest slots into place more easily...

  51. You are an amazing and inspiring woman! One question though, how do you get started? When did you make the decision to say enough is enough? Thanks for sharing, I know how painful it is to write about things you did before that makes yourself cringe in horror.

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  53. Wow Lucy, this is inspiring.


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx