Friday, 7 May 2010

My Seven Deadly Sins

The adorable Lori over at Random Ramblings of a SAHM started a very cool meme. And she tagged me. Which I am glad about, because I would have done it anyway, I reckon.

My Seven Deadly Sins

Sloth - Fridays are my slothful days. I stay in my pyjamas until I have to pick Olivia up from school. I slop about like that all day, and then get a little resentful that I have to dress to pick her up at 3pm!

Gluttony - I have to be so so so so careful. I have been a glutton my whole life: for food, for cigarettes, for punishment. It is a slippery slope. So I now chose, mostly, to be a glutton for coffee and love instead.

Greed - I am just a greedy bitch. I WANT IT ALL. Not the material stuff. Just life. Enough said.

Envy - and jealousy are the sins that offer zero reward. I am lucky that I rarely feel either.

Lust - I do lust quite well I think. I like lust. I lust after lovely husband. (And Philip Glenister.)

Pride - Now this is a whole blog post. Full of it. So positive, yet so damaging. I am full of pride for my family. I am too proud to ask for help. You hear me?

Wrath - Oooooo, scary one. I have a terrible temper. Huge amounts of anger bottled up. That I have tried to "stuff down". And when the wrath comes out......not pretty.

So, there are my seven deady sins and the forms they take.

In turn, I tag.....................


  1. Who is And Philip Glenister....? I could Google, but I think it's more fun to ask ;)

  2. Just thinking about him makes me quiver. Oh be still my beating heart. He is a ROUGH diamond Lori. Clocking In. Ashes to Ashes.

    Do not Google.

    I will tag you with my lust driven snaps of him on FB!

  3. You are so cute! I relate to sooo many of these. Thanks for being honest.... only makes me love ya more! :)

    Happy Friday to ya!!

  4. Hey Luce, am slowly catching up on my emails. Thanks for the tag, lovely.XO


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